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Review of Mistborn 2 (Slight Spoilers on Mistborn 1)

Well, over the weekend, we got the Publisher’s Weekly review of Mistborn 2. Here it is, lovingly reproduced for you.

Sanderson’s entertaining second Mistborn novel begins after most fantasy series end, when the team of brave and cunning heroes find that holding on to power is even harder than overthrowing the previous tyrant. Elend Venture, the scholarly new Lord Ruler of Luthadel, clings to power while Luthadel’s aristocrats and merchants grumble and two enemy armies-one led by Elend’s father, Lord Straff-camp outside the city gates. Fortunately, Elend can rely on help from his lover and unofficial court assassin, the young allomancer Vin, but her magical metal-using ability makes her a target. An orphan of decidedly low origins, Vin is also having trouble adapting to her position as royal consort, especially since the underclass skaa, newly freed by Elend, look to her as their protector. Meanwhile, the ancient evil known as the Deepness is rising once again. This entertaining read will especially please those who always wanted to know what happened after the good guys won.

Not bad, eh? I’m rather pleased with that. My first aspiration in any book I write is that it be fun to read. Making it meaningful, and add something to the genre, all of that–well, those are important, but come second. I’d rather write something that people really like reading than write something that shakes the foundations of the literary world. (Of course, the two aren’t mutually exclusive–I think Ender’s Game does both.)

I’ll do a new annotation tomorrow along with the Amphigory. Promise.

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