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Reddit IAmA, Signed THE WAY OF KINGS + Updates

This week’s Writing Excuses podcast episode with Mary, Dan, Howard, and me covers worldbuilding communications technology. The state of communications technology can have a wide-reaching effect on your story, so give it a listen.

My assistant has uploaded another chapter of my unfinished and abandoned novel Mythwalker from 2001. There’s also a new collection of Twitter posts up.

THE WAY OF KINGS has now been out in hardcover for a year, so I’m adding signed and personalized copies to my online store. Please note that the way my store calculates shipping charges gets confused because TWoK is the same size as THE GATHERING STORM but much heavier. The result is that if you want to buy two copies, it’s probably cheaper to submit two separate orders instead of putting two copies in one order. Sorry about that.

Today I started an IAmA on reddit. (Basically a Q&A.) If you’re following me on Twitter or Facebook, you heard about it an hour ago. I’ll keep answering questions for the next three hours or so, but there are so many questions already I’m likely not to get to anything posted after this point. We’ll see.

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