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Reader Mail + Annotation

New Mistborn 2 Annotation: Chapter Thirty-seven

I got an email from a reader that I thought I’d share. (The email itself has been trimmed quite a bit.)

I personally don’t care if it takes you 10 years to finish AMoL, time is not really important. Finishing the book as close to RJ’s vision as possible is. You seem to be spreading yourself very thin while writing one of the most important pieces of literature in modern history (that might be an exaggeration, but not to me, or many others).

I understand that this book isn’t your life’s work, and that you have many of your own creations that need attention, but please don’t lose track of the importance of this project.


I was glad to get this email, as it gave me a chance to explain myself. I worried about June all the way back in January when I started this project–I knew that I was going to have to take several weeks off for the Writers for Young Readers and eventually do edits on Warbreaker and the Alcatraz books. (Though I was hoping to put them off a little longer.)

My response (again, cut down) was:

I just want to reassure you not to worry. I’m spread a whole lot less thin than it may seem. Actually, it’s been refreshing how much time I’ve been able to spend writing these last few months.

One of the things you learn quickly about being an author is the more successful you become, the less time you actually have to write. You just have to take all of these things–book tours, signings, publicity–in stride. Fortunately, since I am an author full time, I can do almost all of that and still put in fifty or sixty hour weeks working. If you’ll notice the percentage bar on my website, I’ve completed 100k of writing since I started in March. That’s over 30k a month, which is an incredible clip. Most books out there are under 100k long. Now, that’s only a small dent in this particular book, true, but what that should tell you is that I’ve had a LOT of writing time these last few months.

I’ve done WoT virtually exclusively for a good six months now, and it’s not unexpected that I would have to take a few weeks to get some editing done on other projects. Don’t worry, though, I’m treating this particular work with quite a bit of respect.

Expanding on that idea, I think it’s interesting to point out just how much of a compulsive writer I am. It’s what I love to do, and I spend quite a bit of my time doing it. Pretty much my whole life revolves around what I’m writing–any spare moments focus on planning, and when I take time off to relax, I generally just spend it writing. This actually worries some people who know me, who think I might need more balance in my life. I know they might have a point. (Hence my insistence to myself that I have a hobby, such as the Magic card game.)

All of the other things–signings, conferences, writing groups–are also things I do to take time off from writing. Even if you love it as much as I do, breaks are important. Without them, you tend to rush plots and stories. Taking a week or two off after the completion of important plot sections like I just got done with in AMoL actually helps the writing of the next section. Like the cracker between two tastes of cheese.

Anyway, I just wanted to assure everyone. All of the ‘other’ things I do aren’t taking much time away from this book that we all want to see done as soon as possible. (While still maintaining the writing quality, of course.) It’s good that I have these things in life. Trust me on this one. 😉

I do promise, however, that I’ve set aside REAL distractions. Namely, other books I want to write. (My readers know that I ‘accidentally’ write books that my editors aren’t expecting. None of those for me this year.) Also, I haven’t let myself play Halo 3 yet, since I know that will pretty much wipe out a week or two on its own….

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