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Reader Mail + Annotation

So, as I posted earlier, I’ve dedicated myself this week to answering my email backlog. I’ve got a good 90% of it done, so if you emailed me through my website and never heard back from me, then you are officially given permission to bug me about it!

Many people are surprised that I take time to answer my fan mail. The thing is, I’m in no position to brush off anyone who takes the time to not only read my books, but then compliment me on them. You all support me in my love for writing books! Without you, I’d be flipping burgers for a living. (Well, maybe not that, but I do have a Master’s in English–which means burger flipping is a real possibility….)

Here was one of my favorites in the recent emails:

“To Whom it may concern,

Faraway in the middle of nowhere there is a gravel road. At the end of the gravel road there is a house surrounded by a ten foot wall. The ten foot wall houses not only a house, nut a yard filled with tall and elegant weeping willow trees. The whole place has an almost magical air about it, and seems to contain an immeasurable amount of secrets.

Sadly, this message is not about the secrets of this house nor that of the house’s owner, a man who loves to read books about everything from waffles to dung beetles. It is not about his per snake named “Sheep”, nor his fine apple strudel recipe. This message is the message of a humble fan, wondering how many excruciating months he is going to have to wait before the next Mistborn Book is released. At this time this poor reader may finally stick his head out of the world of his own fantasies and read the pleasant works of others. He calls upon the great Brandon Sanderson to answer this question.”

The answer is August 21st (not the 24th as I may have said to others.) You can see that right here on amazon. You can even preorder! Wow! Look at that discount! At those prices, you can totally grab like three copies. One for you, one for your significant other, and one to give the homeless guy on the street. Because homeless guys love Mistborn.

As a further bribe to get you to buy more books and encourage me in my writing addiction, we now return to our regularly scheduled Mistborn Annotations! Chapter Seventeen Part Two!

Oh, and another nice Pemberly Moment for you: “I was either ahead of myself or behind myself all day today.”

|   Castellano