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Reader Mail

Time for a couple of reader mail questions.

Dave writes:

“Just a quick question . . . I purchased Mistborn 3 signed from Sam Weller’s (and just ordered my Warbreaker signed copy as well). Are you going to offer signed and numbered copies of The Gathering Storm? I read your blog pretty regularly, but may have missed you already addressing this question. If so, sorry!”

I think I’ve mentioned the possibility, Dave, but never given anything firm. Well, I’ve been doing some asking, and it seems that Harriet and Tor are all right with this. So, I’m about 95% sure that this is going to happen with the The Gathering Storm. We’ll probably do signed/personalized/numbered editions from Sam Weller’s by mail AND will do a release party at BYU Bookstore again. The release party will probably be a midnight release, followed by me flying to Charleston to do another event in the evening of the release day.

I can’t say how many books we’ll release to Sam Weller’s to sell this way. The numbered editions I do at these release parties aren’t to replace the leatherbound collector’s editions that Tor does. (I think they’re doing one for TGS, though I don’t know.) My numbered editions have no cap—I number as many, generally, as there are people. (Note that Sam Weller’s still has some Warbreaker copies that I’m going to go in and personalize for people tomorrow, so if you want one, give them a call.) Mostly, the numbers are just to say “Hey, I got the book from one of the release events. Isn’t that cool?” But I could see so many being requested from Sam Weller’s that we have to cap it to save my hand (and my sanity.)

Anyway, that’s a long way to say yes, Dave. Keep an eye on the blog. We’ll try to get the announcements for these events up earlier than we did for Warbreaker.

Next, Don writes:

“I wanted to comment on the general impression that nothing BIG changes with each turning of the Wheel, i.e., history repeats itself. It’s mentioned in the books and has been confirmed by RJ in interviews. I take issue with this, however. The DO can influence the world AND he is outside the Pattern and the turning of the Wheel. History doesn’t repeat for the DO. In his quest to break the Wheel, why would he repeat the same steps over and over again, knowing they don’t work? He remembers and learns with each turning of the Wheel. Because of this, I feel that the possibility exists that something “different” could happen, and that perhaps this something “different” might happen at the end of this series. No one really agrees with me, though. : (“

I wanted to answer this one, since there has been a lot of talk about Warbreaker on the blog lately, and I wanted to do something for the Wheel of Time readers. Don, you’re actually quite right. The Dark One CAN stop the Wheel from turning. Indeed, this is his goal. So far, history has repeated for the Dark One—but only because he has failed at his attempts to unravel the Pattern.

Now, the theory websites can go into all of this in much more depth (and specificity) than I can. I’m no replacement for Robert Jordan when it comes to continuity and cannon within the Wheel of Time world. (Except where it comes to the last volume.) Many questions and thoughts like this are better sent toward Bob at the Encyclopedia WoT or on the forums at Theoryland or Dragonmount (or on any of the other excellent websites.) However, this particular topic was one I decided I needed to delve into during my research for the final books. If I didn’t understand the Dark One’s motivations and goals, I didn’t think I could do the Last Battle justice. And so, I can state with reasonable authority that the Dark One is indeed capable of doing what you say. Though, it should be noted that in many cases, the Dark One’s actions will repeat themselves—he will try the same ploys, though I can’t speak for certain on how much he has varied those over the years.. But I can promise that just because he has failed in the past doesn’t mean he will fail again.

This series could end with the Dark One breaking the Wheel and destroying the Pattern. That is what is at stake.

Thanks for the emails! And remember, I’ll be in West Jordan tonight and at the Sugarhouse B&N tomorrow afternoon. I plan to do readings at both, and will have Pewter Allomantic Table Medallions to give away as prizes.

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