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Reader Mail

EDIT: WE JUST HEARD FROM AMAZON, and this might be worked out soon. Your emails to them did the trick!

I’ve gotten a lot of questions like this one, from Kim in Florida:

I am enjoying reading your book “Mistborn – The Final Empire” on my Kindle and wondering if, and when, you will be making volumes 2 and 3 available for the Kindle.

The answer is…well, I’d like to.  Here’s the thing about the ebook front.  Amazon has asked Tor for my books to turn them into Kindle editions, and so Tor sent them electronic versions.  However, Amazon hasn’t gotten around to changing them to Kindle ebooks yet.  And since Tor promised them first shot at the books (they had to, considering how much the Kindle is coming to dominate the ebook market) Tor can’t release them for other ebook formats until after Amazon has released them!

So we’re having this big waiting game right now.  It’s not Tor or me that are to blame for there being no more ebooks of mine for sale; it’s Amazon we’re waiting for. 

So, if any of you are waiting for ebooks of Mistborn Two or Mistborn Three, I guess you could feel free to send a kind (and respectful) email to Amazon at (NOTE, Email pulled now, since it looks like things are rolling. No need to send more.)

|   Castellano