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Questions, 30% Off Sale, Signings, Awards & Updates

Do you have a question for me? is soliciting questions for the next three days which they’ll then compile and send my way. I’m also taking questions on Goodreads’s Fantasy Book Club this month. They have one thread for questions about THE WAY OF KINGS and another thread for TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT. I’ll probably start answering them this week.

The Dragons & Fairy Tales bookstore has a 30% off sale on all Brandon Sanderson books through December 17th. They have copies of almost all of my books (they sold out of ALCATRAZ 4, but they do have a bunch of the first three Alcatraz books), and some of them are signed. They will ship. Call them at (801) 789-5014 or stop by the store.

I’ll be signing in Murray this weekend and in Bountiful the weekend after that. Details are on my events page. Unfortunately, it looks like the Murray Borders will not get any copies of ALCATRAZ VERSUS THE SHATTERED LENS, but the Bountiful Barnes & Noble already received at least 35 copies. If you plan to come to the Bountiful signing but want to buy the book now, stop by the store and pick it up, then bring it back to the signing. They also have a large number of the previous Alcatraz books and my other titles.

This week on the Writing Excuses podcast, Howard Tayler and I are once again joined by Scott Westerfeld to discuss steampunk. And recent WARBREAKER annotations talk about Lightsong trying pottery and Vivenna meeting with the slumlords.

Both THE WAY OF KINGS and TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT are nominated for best fantasy book of 2010 at Goodreads. You have to be signed up with Goodreads to vote. Also, it looks like Audible listeners already voted on their favorite audiobooks of the year, and both books made the top 10 (that’s out of all audiobooks, not just fantasy). THE WAY OF KINGS was also selected as a top 5 editor’s pick for sci-fi & fantasy.

Remember Suvudu’s cage match a while back that Rand al’Thor won, narrowly beating Jaime Lannister from the A Song of Ice and Fire series? Well, Suvudu recently did a villains cage match, and its winner, Ser Gregor Clegane (also from ASoIaF) will be facing off against Rand in a hero vs. villain final battle. If you think you know how such a battle would go, Suvudu is soliciting writeups. See their post for details.

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