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Preview Chapters, Writing Video, Writing Excuses & Updates

The Words of Radiance audiobook is now available for preorder on Audible in the US, as well as on CD via the links at the right. Kate Reading and Michael Kramer are well into recording the narration, and it will be released the same day as the hardcover and ebook.

The final version of Michael Whelan’s cover art has been revealed, and you can download desktop wallpapers on to go along with the Shallan endpaper wallpaper (I know some people with dual monitor setups are using both!).

More chapter previews have been released; the final batch is coming on Tuesday. Here are the previews released so far: has also been doing a series of reread posts for The Way of Kings. If you want to refresh your memory and theorize with other readers before the second book comes out, consider giving it a look.

Last Friday I did a live writing session to benefit the Waygate Foundation and Worldbuilders. The session was recorded and you can see it here. Thanks to everyone who donated and who gave suggestions in the chat during the recording!

My assistant Peter has uploaded a couple more Twitter archive posts, for November and December.

Writing Excuses—the Hugo Award-winning writing advice show that I host alongside Mary Robinette Kowal, Dan Wells, and Howard Tayler—has been absent from the iTunes podcast listings for a few weeks for some unknown reason. But now it’s back and you can subscribe (for free) here. Or you can listen to the episodes at the website, or download the mp3s from the link at the bottom of each post and listen however you like. If you have some other way you subscribe to podcasts, the direct feed link is here.

The following are the most recent episodes we’ve released. Each is around 15 minutes long, so they get to the point and don’t take a huge bite out of your day:

The Out of Excuses writing retreat and workshop that we’re putting on in September/October sold out in about three minutes, but in partnership with the Carl Brandon Society we are offering a scholarship for one slot. For more details, see Mary’s explanation here.

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