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Pre-Worldcon Housekeeping

All right, I’ve been sent several copies of a Warbreaker 6.1 PDF, so I’ll be posting them here soon. If you were planning to do one, don’t worry! It’s been taken care of, and thank you again to those who sent one to me.

Secondly, here’s a great Youtube video of Dan Dos Santos painting the cover for Warbreaker. Very cool. Some of you may know that I requested Dan specifically for this project, and I was happy to get him.

Thirdly, WoT update. I’ve managed to get 4k this week so far, which inches the progress bar up another point to 33%. One Third! Huzzah! That last point would have come faster, but I actually tossed a big chunk (2k) of what I’d written yesterday because it just didn’t feel right. I did that scene over from a new approach, and I like the result much better. This happens occasionally; maybe I’ll post the original on the blog someday after the book is out and if Harriet gives me the okay.

Fourthly, Denver people, please remember my signing this Saturday! This will probably be my only Denver appearance this year; I doubt I’ll be back for Mountains and Plains this time around. Today, Pemberly and I are leaving to drop LimeBaby off at his grandmother’s in Idaho before driving down to Denver on Friday. Also, you guys owe Pemberly big time. She’s offered to drive most of the way so that I can bring the laptop and write in the car. (You might think that would be a bad place, because of distractions, but it’s actually the opposite. The times I’ve written on trips before, when I had a deadline, the writing turned out really well. It’s that whole “No Internet to distract me” thing, I think. It’s not my favorite way to write, but it is effective, and doing things like this is the only way I’m going to have a shot of getting AMoL done by the deadline.)

Fifthly, I did a round of emails recently and had several bounce. If you are Sarah R. Jackson, Josh Oakes, or an email writer who identified themselves as MJ and who’s email address includes axonjaxon as part of it, then know that the reply I sent to you bounced! So please email me again and give me a different email to which I can respond. Thanks!

Sixthly, I’ve got a female friend who is looking to save money by sharing a room with some women at Worldcon. If you’re female and have space in your room, drop me an email or post on my LJ and I’ll have her get in contact with you. (She has a room reserved herself, but would rather cancel it and stay with others.)

Finally, here’s an annotation: Well of Ascension Chapter Forty!

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