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Poster Near Final Version

Ladies and gentlemen, in honor of Koloss Head-Munching day on the 19th, I proudly present to you the poster of the Allomantic Table of Metals!

This is the near-final version. Why ‘near’ final? Well, I’m opening it up to you folks to find our typos. The poster image above should link to a much larger version, though it’s still just a little hard to read the text on that one. The printed poster will be much more crisp.

You’ll notice that we made some revisions to the layout. We decided that the ‘arcs’ at the sides in the original draft were too distracting from the main metal plate, and we didn’t like how they broke the theme of the poster. We decided to pull them out and give ourselves more space for the text, which I think will create a much better print over all. We might do different incarnations of the poster in the future, with different layouts, for those who are interested. But I wanted this one to be informative as well as asthetic, having that scientific feel of the magic system itself. I’m very pleased with this result. You really have to see this thing close up to appreciate the level of detail Isaac put into the metal plate at the center. It’s simply amazing.

And yes, this image includes spoilers on the missing metals, their Misting names, and their powers. We hope to have this up for sale by the end of next week. Right now, the plans are for three versions:

Wallpapers of standards sizes for a donation of any amount. (Including a donation of nothing, for you poor students. We like the Radiohead philosophy. If you can’t afford to donate anything, we still want you to be able to enjoy the art.)
$10 for a poster print.
$50 for a high quality limited edition archival print, singed and numbered by both myself and Isaac, the artist. The numbers will go up to 50, and while we’ll probably keep #1 and #2 for ourselves, the rest will go in a first come, first served order.

We hope to do Feruchemy and Hemalurgy prints in different themes and designs, assuming these Allomancy ones are well received.

Let me know on my LJ or on the forums if you spot any errors!

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