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Poster Contest Results (+Annotations)

With the insanity of my tour, the poster contest happened a lot later than I had planned. But we finally got around to doing the drawing! Sorry to take so long.

We had nearly 200 people share Mistborn with their friends (or read it for the first time themselves.) This was a very successful experiment, and I hope to do more things like this in the future. A big, hearty thanks to all of you for your enthusiasm and support of my books.

Anyway, we here is a picture of Pemberly doing the ‘drawing’ last night for the six posters. (Being nerds, we actually rolled some dice to choose the names–but don’t worry, we had a good process to make sure it was properly randomized. Yes, that is a D20, but we were using it as a D10, since we didn’t have one of those.)

The winners of the six posters should have gotten an email from Pemberly asking if they want the poster personalized/signed or not. We’ll be sending them out here soon. The names of the winners were:

Alexandra I.
Wess H.
Ann K.
Chelsea W.
Gordon D.
John (no last name given, but we have your email.)

I also felt I should include some things for those of you who aren’t interested in the posters. So, a short list of links for you:

First, two new Mistborn Two Annotations: Part For Wrap Up and Chapter Forty-nine.
Second, a link to a little audio interview I did while on tour.

Remember, I’ll be signing this Saturday in Provo!

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