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Pemberly Moment + Wedding Pictures

And now it’s time for another Pemberly quote taken completely out of context! Huzzah!

“You’d be scared too if you bumped into a hairy thing in the dark!”

No, I’m not going to explain it. That’s the way this works.


And, speaking of Pemberly, let’s start throwing up these wedding pictures I promised you guys. (As you may recall, I got hitched back in July.) I’ll archive these at my Flickr account too, should you want to find them there.

Ah… There’s my lovely bride and her bridesmaids at the reception. Aren’t they cute? Those are my baby sisters on the right. (I know they look like they’re 18 and 20, but they’ll always be 14 and 12 in my head!) Pemberly, of course, is in the middle. Then, to her right (your left) are Melonslayer and Lisa.

Yet, I think something is missing from that picture. What could it be…?

Ah, that’s it! A guy with a sword. That was what was missing. (Whew). Glad I ran in there and fixed things! This was the best part of that picture:

I believe those two expressions to be a metaphor for how our marriage is likely to go….

And, for some reason, they didn’t like me hopping into their pictures. Go figure.

Good news is, I caught the bouquet. Five of them.

Click on any of the pictures to get a close-up!

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