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Pemberly Moment + Annotation

New Mistborn Annotation: Chapter Eight, first half

Well, after yesterday’s far-too-ponderous rant, I think it’s time for some things a little more light-hearted. First off, I have yet another Pemberly Moment for you.

“I’ve always wanted to egg someone’s house. But I’ve never been able to justify wasting the eggs.”

That, as always, is a quote from my dear wife, taken completely out of context. Actually, this one really cracked me up.

(Ha ha. Cracked me up. Ahem.) We were talking about various things, and she said the first sentence, followed by the ‘But.’ I, of course, was expecting her to continue on and say something like “I’d never do something like that to someone.” Instead, we’ve got her worrying about the eggs. Priceless.

Finally, here are some shots of some family members from a recent signing I did up in Idaho Falls.

Me and Nethermore, being all like “we’re cool, cuz we’re signing books ‘n stuff.”

Me, with my wife and my other cool sister, along with Vern (over on the left) my uncle and my grandmother. This is the one Mistborn was dedicated to, in case you were wondering.

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