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Order a personalized THE GATHERING STORM + Holiday shipping deadlines

Peter here. Brandon got back from his book tour yesterday, but Pemberly told me that he went right to bed and slept for 15 hours straight. Anyway, the result of this is that Brandon is no longer out flying from state to state or country to country, so unless you’re in Utah or Idaho he won’t be signing books near you anytime soon. Well, that’s why Brandon sells signed books in his store here—so you don’t have to come to him!

Since Brandon doesn’t want to compete with local bookstores, he only sells hardcovers after they’ve been out for at least a year. THE GATHERING STORM has now been out for over a year, so as of today you can start picking it up from Brandon’s store. Brandon will be signing books at his house this Saturday, so if you order before then you could have a signed copy of THE GATHERING STORM in a matter of days. He also might be throwing in a Wheel of Time bumper sticker left over from the tour, like a Tai’shar Malkier or Sly as an Eelfinn sticker, while supplies last. (I’ll bug him and make sure something like this happens . . . or if it can’t happen, I’ll come back and edit this post . . .)

If you want to give the gift of a signed Brandon Sanderson book (or two, or six) this holiday season, now is a very good time to order, especially if you need international shipping. Since Brandon is out of town next weekend for Thanksgiving (he’s going to Idaho Falls and will be signing books there), the next chance he’ll get to sign books for shipping out will be December 4th, which is also the deadline for international orders if you want them to arrive by December 24th. Plus international shipping can be flaky, so getting your order in right away is a good idea. The deadline for U.S. orders is December 6th, or December 12th if you choose Priority Mail shipping.

All of Brandon’s other books (besides THE WAY OF KINGS and TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT, which you might find here) are available, and there are convenient bundles too. Plus you can grab some Mistborn and Elantris jewelry and the Mistborn Table of Allomantic Metals poster. So check it out.

I should also mention that you can get Mistborn and Stormlight Archive shirts and hoodies at And Garden Ninja Studios has a few more Vin and Kelsier miniatures left (unfortunately, they sold out of the awesome koloss and inquisitor minis . . . but they also have a special on Schlock Mercenary minis).

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