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Online Tour (and Twitter Tomfoolery)

We’ve been feeling bad about the fact that I can’t get many places on tour. Even this fall, with the WoT tour, I’ll only be hitting a fraction of the places where people want me to visit.

So my wonderful publicist Dot has set up two events for me. First off, the Barnes and Noble book clubs website (run by Paul Goat Allen, the author of several interesting recent blog posts) has kindly invited me in to do a three day Q&A session on their forums. I’ll be focusing on two threads in specific.

1) Questions for Brandon Sanderson
2) Talking about Warbreaker

(Most of my time will be on the first thread.) So, feel free to ask me anything you want. I can’t promise that I’ll get to everyone’s questions, but I’m going to give it a try. I’ll be there the 8th-10th of July, so next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. (Also, I DO plan to do something like this on my own forum here soon, but we’ll do the B&N one first, as to not compete.)

The second event we’ll be doing is a “Tweet the Author” session for those on Twitter. Essentially, we’ll be working this like a gigantic chat room session, where for an hour people are firing tweets at me, and I’m answering them on my twitter account. Details are right here. If you don’t use Twitter, and have no intention of using it, you can follow the session without an account. Just watch my twitter page or do a search for #tweettheauthor. We’ll be doing this 1-2pm CST on the 8th. (Next Wednesday.)

And, speaking of Twitter, I don’t know if you noticed me being silly last week and sending everyone out to tweet about Scalzi (Link goes to my original post), but I thought I’d mention some of my favorites here on the blog. My additions are in parenthesis. (And these are by no means all of my favorites. You people are quite clever.)

@Ryshon Scalzi uses a piece of his own hair as a quill, dipped in blood to write, when he runs out of hair or blood, game over

@nethspace Scalzi reveals Ayn Rand tattoo on inner thigh – world wish’s it didn’t have to see that

@Qurtyslyn Feeding Strawberry Lemonade to six aardvarks and letting them run free in a crowded mall was not Scalzi’s best Idea.

@zediir Scarlzi is the real mastermind behind the great kitten conspiracy of 2008. (Bonus points for referencing an Alcatraz book, Zediir.)

@jdack Scalzi secretly hates bacon. (I knew it! If you’re confused, google Scalzi and Bacon for an explanation . . . )

@MCaron1234 Scalzi is, once again, minding his mash potatoes with a lemon zester. AS EXPECTED.

@dressagegrrrl When I ran into Scalzi at the Natl Clog Dancing Faire (der Klompen), he insulted my lederhosen! THEY WERE MY MOTHER’S, JERK. (I cannot explain why this one makes me crack up every time I read it. Props, Dressagegrrrl)

jddennis Dinosaurs were originally around 10k yeras ago, but that was too close to Scalzi. They travelled back in time to escape him.

@Ockhamdesign scalzi writes under the pen name Stephanie Meyer. That woman in Utah is just a prop. He needs to finish Midnight Sun. (Brilliant!)

@Sorsha76 Scalzi’s shoes TOTALLY don’t go with his pants!!!!  . . . and he commits genocide on Tuesdays.

@dragonmount Scalzi killed Asmodean. (My personal favorite. Jason, you rock.)

@Fiirvoen @scalzi ‘s mother was a hampster and his father smelt . . . of ELDERBERRIES! (Someone had to do it.) (Yes, yes they did. That last parenthetical was part of the original post, by the way.)

@jbrodman @Scalzi lives off the tears of @wilw.

@ru3 You know, BaconCat was actually Scalzi’s THIRD attempt. A moment of silence for ShishCatbab and Baked Angora.

@cjent77 Scalzi fixed the Iran election! (Wow! Was this before or after he committed genocide and killed Asmodean?)

@RobertAvi Scalzi reads the last page of a book first

@Tryndakai John Scalzi likes the taste of Soylent Green.

@miss_emmeline If Scalzi was ever cast as the Doctor, they’d have to change the name of the show to Doctor Who Cares?

@Tryndakai @Scalzi came up with midichlorians!

And, one final sin to top the others:

@Tryndakai @Scalzi had Firefly canceled!

There are dozens more, and I didn’t even get to post all my favorites. Go read everyone’s clever words here. Thank you all for being so cool about this. It’s got me thinking that I need to do something like this to make fun of myself, maybe alongside the #tweettheauthor thing. Perhaps a game of “140 character faux reviews of Way of Kings . . . ?”

Actually, that sounds kind of fun. We’ll start it off next week under the tag #kingsway. I’ll post to kick it off.

Then hide under a rock.

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