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Numbered Alcatraz Copies for Sale! (+ Amphigory)

I stopped by my local Waldenbooks today and they had copies of Alcatraz in. Since we’ve only had a ‘soft’ release on this one, and since I’m not planning a big release party, I went ahead and signed the copies on the shelves–and, as you may know, I always stick to my “First fifty signed get numbers” philosophy. (At a release party, I’ll number up to as many people buy them there, though I make a special note for the first fifty.)

So, if you want a numbered copy of Alcatraz, you can head to the Waldenbooks in the Provo Town Center Mall, though you’ll want to hurry. They only had twenty or so in stock, and so I sighed those. (They turned out to be numbers 3-21, since two people got to me last week with copies.) I know that the Walden will mail copies if you talk to the right person (Ashley, the manager, is your best bet) so those of you out of state might be able to get one if you want.

And, so that this post is more entertaining than just me promoting myself, here are a couple of features we haven’t done in a little while. First, a Pemberly moment. (A Quote from my wife taken out of context.)

“It’s hard to tell heads and bums apart.” — My beloved wife. She has trouble with this sometimes, apparently. She’s going to kill me for posting that, by the way. Perhaps I can distract her with an Amphigory!


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