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Not about Michael Moore

Apparently, the galleys are on their way. After reading through a discussion on the TWG forum, I’m not exactly sure what galleys are any more–but I’m getting some. I, uh, hope that they’re galley-ish.

Switching gears, I’d like to respond to my dear friend Robison . He seems to have heard something somewhere about bloggers somehow being useful for something. I’d like to cure him of this faulty supposition. Face it, man. We’re here to be useless–to further clog the internet with random spillings of words. Your daughter is more funny than Michael Moore anyway. (Though not by much. . . .)

So, in celebration of our non-importance and the arrival of the now-confusing galleys, here’s another sample chapter. Enjoy!

(p.s. Rob has a Google pagerank of 2. I’m so jealous.)

|   Castellano