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New Warbreaker + Signings

I’ve posted a new chapter of Warbreaker, for those of you who are interested. Remember, this is a later chapter, so I suggest reading from the beginning!

Chapter Twenty-One

If you haven’t read the previous chapters, find them in the first post of this thread. As always, I’d appreciate any comments you want to give on the book! It’s a work in progress, and so it’s still got a long way to go before it’s publishable. So, if you have suggestions, make them at the end of that same thread.

Also, I will be signing this week in two places. First, I’ll be at the downtown Salt Lake Sam Weller’s store on Thursday from 6:30 to about 8:30. If you’ve never been to this store, it’s awesome! A nice, big used bookstore with a nice compliment of new books as well. It’s a Salt Lake tradition, so I highly recommend visiting sometime!

On Saturday at 2:00, I’ll be at the Barnes and Noble in West Jordan (Jordan Landing). This is also a great store with a staff who is very knowledgeable about science fiction and fantasy.

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