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New Warbreaker Pages

Thanks to all who came and saw me yesterday! For those who emailed me about my east coast trip, I’ll get back to you soon. I’m not doing official signings in many of the cities, and I’ll have to pick a place where I know I’ll be, then let you know when to show up and get books signed.

In other news, I’ve run some updates of the Warbreaker pages to bring them into line with the rest of the site, now that the new website is live. You can read my introduction to the book, including why I wrote it and why I’m releasing it for free. Also, I finally have an official CC license posted for the book, along with an explanation of what you can do with the text. This page also includes links to the older versions, for those who want them.

Finally, as a reminder, check back on Monday to hear my big news.

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