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New Warbreaker Download

As promised, here is the newest draft of WARBREAKER; this is version 4.0. (Or, well, 4.2 since I tweaked a few things yesterday.)

If you’ve been waiting to read WARBREAKER, I would like to note that I will–indeed–begin posting html pages of the chapters, making for easier reading. This will happen at a rate of one a week for about a year. Also, I soon intend to have a PDF of the entire 4.0 up for download. (Right now, all I have is the word document.) If anyone feels like making a PDF and sending it to me–or feels like sticking it into any of the various ebook formats–I’d happily include those here for download as well. As always, you can find the current and previous WARBREAKER drafts in the book’s portal on my website.

In this draft, I read through doing mostly medium-level fixes. Some character tweaks, some better world explanations, some pacing work. I’ve now sent this to my editor, who will print it off and make line-by-line notations on it as he reads through it. 5.0, then, will be the draft where I incorporate these changes. Somewhere around 6.0, I’ll go through looking for smaller changes mentioned on my forums by readers. Right now, I’ve been making larger changes that have been suggested and that I agree with, but I haven’t done many smaller, paragraph-by-paragraph edits.

This marks the turning of my full attention to AMoL, and I will be doing updates relating to my read-through of the series in the coming days.

EDIT: Man, you people are fast. Here’s a PDF of 4.2 provided by Speakerwiggin over on LJ. Thanks!

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