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New Sample Chapter + Harry Potter

Mistborn 2 is less than one week away! In anticipation, here is chapter two of the book! Chapter one is here, if you missed it. Chapter three will be on Friday, then the pre-release is on Saturday! (And, if you are coming, I highly recommend that you call and reserve a copy, just in case. I don’t think we’ll run out, but I can’t be sure.)

In other news, I’ve managed to–finally–read Harry Potter 7. (Whew.) Had a lot of things on my plate; some books to read and review, some revisions to do, some novels to work on. Once I managed to get a large portion of them cleared off, I sat down and just started reading.

Initial thoughts: I liked it, as I’ve liked all of the other HP books. However, it lacked the charm of the books that occurred inside of Hogwarts. There was a lot to like, but a lot to quibble with, as one might expect from any book with such a legacy to live up to. I’d say that Rowling did a great job of it, all things considered. Talk to me about it, if you meet me, but avoid posting spoilers in the comments!

I should do a review of the thing here in a bit, if I can scramble up some time.

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