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New novella “Legion” up for preorder at Subterranean Press

“Legion” is a novella I wrote on the flight home from France last summer. It came from an idea I’d been kicking around in my head for a few months, and the time seemed right to explore it on paper.

As it turned out very well, I sent it out to my agent–and we had a Hollywood option by the end of the year. Immediately, readers started to ask when they would see it. The thing is, it wasn’t long enough for me to do as a full Tor release, and I didn’t have time (while working on A MEMORY OF LIGHT) to expand it to something longer.

The solution was to do a Subterranean Press edition. They do fantastic collector’s editions of books and novellas, and I had been wanting to work with them for a while. (Peter Brett, for example, spoke in high praise of what they did with on of his novellas.)

This story is a modern-day thriller/mystery with some science fiction undertones. It’s about 17,000 words, and I will do an ebook release of it (priced at a couple of bucks) around the same time as the Subterranean version.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it! It’s due out sometime in the summer or fall this year.



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