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New in the Brandon Sanderson Store + Updates

New Brandon Sanderson Store items are below, but first some updates!

Words of Radiance is in the final round of voting for the Goodreads Choice Awards in the category Best Fantasy of 2014. It’s up against nine other books, so if you’ve read many of them, consider voting for the one you liked best.

Legion: Skin Deep starts shipping out from Subterranean Press next week. You can preorder the signed, leatherbound limited edition hardcover plus ebook combo here. And now, you can also preorder the Audible audiobook edition here—for free. For the first month, Legion: Skin Deep will be free on Audible, so you don’t have to use a credit. After the first month is over, the price goes up. (But if you get it while it’s free, it stays free for you.)

Just a note: There’s a new Kindle store in the Netherlands, which I believe also works in Flanders. We’ll be adding links to all of the buy widgets on my site, but until then, you can find my books here. Most of my books there are in English, but the first two Mistborn books are available in Dutch.

At Westercon/FantasyCon, Charlie Harmon joined the Writing Excuses crew to talk about Disability in Narrative. We also sat down with bookseller Sara Glassman at the Out of Excuses Workshop and Retreat to talk about her perspective on the book industry. Give them a listen.

The Brandon Sanderson Store has a bunch of new items up for the holidays. Also, The Emperor’s Soul hardcovers are back in stock, along with more posters of the Table of Allomantic Metals.

Here are the new products:

Table of Feruchemical Metals poster

Illustration by Isaac Stewart

The First Ideal of the Knights Radiant poster

Illustration by Rebecca Sorge

8-bit Szeth shirt

Illustration by Isaac Stewart

I Am a Stick shirt

Illustration by Ben McSweeney

Vin shirt

(We don’t have a final image of this shirt yet—but we know the color of the shirt will be red. You can order one now, or wait until we have a final image if you like.)

Illustration by Ben McSweeney

Stormlight hoodie

Mistborn hoodie

Elsecallers glyph pendant

Crafted by Badali Jewelry

Remember, the holiday shipping deadlines are tight. Get your orders in as soon as you can!

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