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New Dragonsteel Chapter One


If you didn’t see my extended FAQ post yesterday, I suggest you have a look at it! It answers a question I get quite a lot.

Now, as you may have noticed, I’ve finished with the Mistborn 3 rewrite, which FINALLY lets me turn my full attention to a new book. (The first one I’ve been able to work on since Alcatraz 2, which I wrote in October.)

My project of choice is The Liar of Partinel, a novel with which I’m planning to kick off a long series. (Named the Dragonsteel series.) I want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who has been commenting on Warbreaker, as well as everyone who commented on the sample chapters of Dragonsteel I posted before. I just stuck up a new chapter of Dragonsteel, a heavy rewrite of the first chapter, and wouldn’t mind suggestions and comments. You can post them on this thread.

With Warbreaker, it’s—perhaps—more difficult for you to see how much help your comments are being, because my revisions to that one are done in very large sweeping edits. Here, I can target, and the book is still has a lot of room to grow and change. So, it’s your chance to REALLY have an effect on the novel! Note that I’m not going to post the entire book this time. (Already done that once, and I’m not even done posting that one!) I will post all of Warbreaker 2 when I write it, but for now, I’d be very interested in comments on this new version of Dragonsteel chapter one.

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