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New Beta!

Folks, were’ going to ask for your help on this one. We’re nearing completion of the new and updated website. Most of the changes are things you can’t see–my brother has been working on them for about two years now. However, the new site ALSO includes a new visual overlay and–hopefully–a much easier framework for finding all of the cool things I like to post.

The beta of the new site can be seen right here!

Before you go there, however, let me explain some things. First off, it’s not done yet. Most of the things to fix at this point have to do with updating content and writing explanations. So, there are some holes! We’re not worried about that as much as we are about how easy things are to find. My old site was…well, rough. Nobody could find anything. (Except maybe Ookla, but he knows everything anyway.)

So, what we need your help on is feedback regarding FINDING things. Is this site any easier to navigate? My brother has put together a kind of scavenger hunt, and has asked for beta testers to see if they can find things. The link to the survey/hunt is at the top. I’d suggest opening a new window or tab to look for the things he asks you to find, then write your experiences in the form on the survey as you go. Also, know that on the survey page itself there are a LOT of typos. (My brother wrote it, and he’s a code monkey, not an English major.) Since that page will be taken down before we go live anyway, it’s not a problem. So, don’t worry about reporting bugs on the ‘report bugs here’ page! 😉

Other than that, have fun, look around, see what you can find and what you think. Leave us specific feedback on the survey form, or post general impressions on my LJ or forums.

Thanks a ton!

|   Castellano