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Mystery Project Update

Well, I finished the “Mystery Project,” which is pretty much now out of the bag. It’s a YA novel, something I’ve been meaning to try my hand at for quite some time. It just kind of popped out—I was so deeply involved in the MISTBORN series that I felt I needed to give myself a break.

This book is far more lighthearted. I’m curious to see what my editor, agent, and alpha-readers have to say about it. Maybe I’ll end up being able to get it published, maybe not. But it sure was fun to write.

You can read more about the book on my forums.

Also, new annotation up! Chapter One Finally, we get into the actual chapters. This is a nice beefy one. Enjoy!

In other news, I’m up visiting my family in Idaho this week—my little sister is graduating from high school. It’s nice being a writer, because no matter where I go, I can still get work done. I don’t have to take a ‘week off’ to come up here. I can still work during the days, then spend time with my family at night.

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