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My First Sequel (Part Two)

Well, chapter one is done.

So far so good. I tried to start with some nice motion, though the action is slowed somewhat because I have to re-explain the entire magic system in a few choice paragraphs. We’ll have to see what my readers think–I may have done too much narration in this chapter.

Things are coming together nicely in my head, however. The final piece of the book-three climax fell into place today, and that was a nice feeling. Right now, my primary concern with WELL OF ASCENSION is getting it to compare favorably to MISTBORN. The first book is so tight that I feel I’m going to have to work hard to make book two a worthy sequel.

My two days of training at BYU were an unwelcome diversion from starting the book. A piece of me (a thankfully small one) wants to drop the whole Master’s degree thing for the time. I got a taste of being a professional writer this summer, and I was very pleased with it. School–especially teaching it–is going to be quite the distraction.

I doubt it will happen. I’m only two classes away from a degree, after all–it would be a shame to put them off even longer. However, I also have to remember something very important. Right now, my degree is the hobby–writing is my profession.

It sure feels good to be able to say that.

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