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Mr. Line Edit

So, for those of you who think being a novelist is all dreams and creativity, let me introduce you to a pal of mine: Mr. Line Edit.

What is a line edit, you ask? Well, it’s much like it sounds. You go through your book line by line, sentence by sentence, and try and make each one as clear, interesting, active, and clever as possible. Each time, you have to ask yourself just how important that sentence is, and if you could cut it from the book without losing anything. (Every line you cut speeds the reader’s progress through the book–which means they get to the good parts more quickly.) The idea is to do this for every single line in the book.

MISTBORN has some 26,000 lines.

My goal is to cut 160 pages from the manuscript, bringing it to an even 1,000 pages. You can watch my progress on the front page to see how close I am. In the mean time, I’d better get back to work. . . .

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