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More Wedding Pictures

Not as interesting for many of you as bad puns, story ideas, or bonus material from my novels, but I’m lazy and it’s Sunday. So, I’m just going to post some more wedding pictures.

This group is from outside the temple, right after the wedding ceremony. We’ll start with a cute one of us taken right after we left.

Okay. That’s way too cute. We need to spice that up a bit.

Ah, much better. Godzilla was quite nice, showing up to my wedding and all.

Here’s a more artistic shot of kind of the same thing (thanks Jeff for the great photos.)

Now, two shots of the bride’s family, in case you’re curious:

And, because we can never do anything serious for very long…

Yes, that’s me trying to put on Emily’s veil. I thought it would look nice with my tux…

Higher resolution versions of these can be found at my Flicker account.

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