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More places to get signed books


Looking for a place to get a signed copy of Steelheart? The bookstores I’ve been visiting might be a great place to look—and they are eager to ship to you, if you live out of the area. I posted about a few on Tuesday. Here are some more:

Chicago, Anderson’s Bookshop
This store now has in its possession a large number of signed books. They have all of my paperbacks, hardcovers of The Rithmatist, and—of course—Steelheart. In addition, I left them with a nice stack of Steelhunt codes to slip into copies of Steelheart that they sell. If you live in the Chicago area and missed my signing, drop in! We slipped extra Steelhunt codes in the books on their shelves, and they have others to send with their online orders.
So, If you don’t live in Chicago, but want to grab a signed copy of the book with a chance at a code, you can to order through their online store here. Or you can call them at (630) 355–2665. Be sure to ask for signed copies, and mention the Steelhunt, which might improve your chances of getting one of the codes!
Cincinnati, Joseph-Beth
You may know that this is one of my favorite bookstores to visit, and I had a wonderful time here. I signed a lot of stock for them, and they have copies of all of my books. In addition, they’re sending a lot of books to their store down in Lexington, where I commonly visit. They said these will be up for sale sometime next week, so you might want to call before you head in. But they do have Steelhunt codes, so never fear, Lexington. I haven’t forgotten about you.
I’d be willing to bet that the Cincinnati store would be happy to ship books to you if you want them! Please keep these wonderful stores in mind, particularly if you live in their area.
In addition, if you are traveling this week, the Salt Lake City airport (Simply Books, Gate C6) still has signed books and Steelhunt codes.
O’Hare Airport in Chicago also has many signed books. (Check out these endcaps!) Find the signed copies at Gates E3 (this store has Steelheart left, while the others are sold out), G1, and H/K3 (the bookstore there runs between the two gate arms).
Cincinnati Airport: Heritage Books in the B gates has signed Steelheart, and The Rithmatist in teen. Here’s a picture. I put three Steelhunt codes in books there, but they might be gone already.

Today I’m signing in the Dayton area. You can find the rest of my tour schedule here, and if you want me to email you when I’m signing near you, tell me your city.

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