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More Hero of Ages Launch Party Info

Just to keep everyone up to date on this, here’s the info for the Hero of Ages launch party, updated and collected into one post. (Also, I’ve already sold between 1/3 and 1/2 of the Mistborn 2 copies I have for sale, so if you want one, be quick. As long as that link is good, I have copies–we’ll pull it when the last one sells.)

Date: October 14th
Time: 5:30
Place: Brigham Young University Bookstore.

Parking: By 5:30, parking on campus is mostly open. I think the entire parking lot to the east of the Wilkinson Center will be open, so parking should be easy and quick. A line will form at the Northwest corner of the bookstore.

Numbered editions: Brandon will sign and number every copy of Hero of Ages sold at this event. If you’re planning to come, please call BYU Bookstore and reserve a copy. (See below.) All copies of Mistborn 3 (whether preordered or purchased at the signing) are 25% off of cover price! It would be helpful if you called to preorder so that BYU knows how many copies to have on hand. Even though they’ve ordered several hundred, I’m worried they’ll run out. Note that if you live out of state , you can order a signed, numbered, and personalized copy to be mailed to you from Sam Weller’s. (I will also be numbering copies at the Sam Weller’s signing on Wednesday for any who can’t make the Provo signing. If you can’t make either, I’ll be doing two other signings in Salt Lake that week, but those copies will not be numbered.)

I will be numbering the copies IN ORDER. The first person in line gets #1 and so forth. The only exception is that my good friend, Dan Wells, gets #5. (He managed to get #1 of Elantris and #2 of Mistborn, so we’ve kept the tradition getting him #3 of Well and #4 of Alcatraz.)

Prize Drawing: There WILL be a prize drawing this year, just like previous years. I will be supplying an Aon Pendant, as well as some other cool goodies. The bookstore will be giving away books and audio discs. They will also have bundled packages of my books for sale.

Reading: I probably won’t have time for a reading, though I’ll be doing one the next night in Salt Lake.

Q&A: I will be doing a Q&A after the signing is finished.

Contact Info for Preorders:
Phone number: 801-422-3584
Just say that you want to preorder Hero of Ages, and they’ll take it from there!

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