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Mitosis released in the UK/Australia/New Zealand/Ireland

Rejoice! My Reckoners short novelette Mitosis was finally released today by Gollancz in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland (and other Commonwealth countries, plus everywhere outside the US/Canada). Check the store links in the various tabs to the right.

Mitosis takes place between Steelheart and Firefight, which will be released on January 6 in the US and January 8 in the UK. It’s a little something to tide you over until then.

In addition to the ebook and audiobook that the US and Canada received, Gollancz has also released a spiffy little hardcover. Here’s a photo (alongside the Steelheart editions that the UK got).


If you live in the US or Canada and are jealous of a print version of Mitosis, you might consider importing it via The Book Depository, which has free worldwide shipping.

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