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Mistborn Two Personalized Hardcovers

I managed to track down another batch of Mistborn Two hardcovers, and they’re up in the store for sale. As always, I’m happy to personalize these however you wish and ship them to your door. The description is a little off right now—they probably won’t sell out as quickly as the page implies. That was from last year, and I just had my webmaster reinstate the store item, and haven’t updated the description yet. I’ve got a couple hundred of them. They should last a few months at least. (Though we’re running really low on Elantris hardcovers. I don’t know how much longer they’ll last.)

Last night—Monday night—I pulled an all-nighter finishing up THE GATHERING STORM and sending it off to Harriet and company. In essence, the book is now complete. I suspect there will be another hasty round of revisions this weekend, but the book really needs to be in ASAP. We’re already over-deadline in getting it in, and Tor is going to have to pay overtime at the printer in order to get it out in November. (Tom has already said he’d do this, so it’s not a big issue, but every day counts.  Hence the all-night revision marathon.)

So yes, it’s done. Almost. Kind of. Now we begin the long wait for copyediting, proofreading, and printing. I can now confirm that—for certain—the cover thumbnail passed around last week was nothing more than a mock-up. I’ve now seen the cover, and while the general composition is the same as the thumbnail, this version is much better. (For one thing, Rand is no longer busting a move with his back to us, but is turned face-front and standing in a different position.)

One final note. My good friend Howard just released pre-orders on his new collection. Go Howard!

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