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Mistborn Prime

All right, as promised, here is the first chapter (actually, the prologue) from Mistborn Prime. That’s my name for the original ‘Mistborn’ book I wrote back in 2001.

This isn’t too bad editing wise, but the writing itself isn’t up to my current skill level. So, please don’t hold that against me. However, I thought some of you might enjoy looking at this book to see how I’ve progressed along the way. Plus, you’ll get to see the origins of some of the ideas that became Mistborn.

Note that, as I’ve said, the current book Mistborn is a combination of two books. Mistborn Prime and Final Empire Prime, which I wrote a number of years back. The Lord Ruler and Vin were, in a way, stolen from Final Empire Prime. Mistborn had the setting and magic system. So, don’t expect to see anyone you recognize here.


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