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Mistborn Metal Vials For Sale!

Way back, when Badali contacted me about Elantris Jewelry, they also asked after the Mistborn books. Well, we weren’t sure where the rights were on the art for those, so we had to make arrangements with Isaac before being able to do Mistborn-themed jewelry. (Isaac, as always, was extremely easy to work with,but getting paperwork and the like together takes time.)

One of the very first things I asked Badali about was this: “Can we do metal vials?” I felt this was one of the first pieces of jewelry I’d personally like, and I thought that all of you wonderful folks would agree.

Badali came through for us with amazing results. They developed silver jewelry ‘cages’ which can hold a small glass metal vial. This makes it possible to swap the vials out for one another. Beyond that, they came up with little vials that are just perfect representing each of the different metals. (In fact, nearly all of them contain the exact metal itself, in powder or foil form.) Just have a look at these shots:

I wanted to get the vials on the site last month, but the computer issues caused trouble. Still, I’m proud to say that I’ve got the copy for them all written up and my webmaster has a very nice display for them. The cost is $39 for a vial cast in sterling silver with one vial of metal. (You pick the metal you want inside.)

Note that one of those options is a “Mistborn mixture” of the eight first metals. You can also order other metal vials separately, or even just order your necklace with one of each metal vial included. (Select “All” from the dropdown. You still get one for free; this adds the others in.) You can see images of each vial in detail on the page that sells them separate from the pendant.

Note that because of a quirk to do with shipping via the partner we use on these, ordering just one vial ships at $10–more than a single vial costs ($6.) Sorry about this. We WILL combine shipping for jewelry. Just drop an email to my assistant Becky ([email protected]) if you want to order multiple necklaces or multiple vials (i.e., if you want a certain four but don’t want to buy all of them) and she’ll work it out so that you only pay shipping once.

We’re working very hard on a shopping cart for the store, but incorporating one requires a rewriting of a lot of our basic framework, so it’s going to be a little while before we have one. Until then, just email Becky if you have questions about pricing or shipping. And I hope you enjoy your metal vials! (There are other Mistborn jewelry items for sale as well; I’m working on the descriptions of those, but feel free to browse the jewelry section.)

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