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MTG: Children of the Nameless release
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Mistborn Adventure Game Out Now + Updates

My assistant has uploaded another chapter of my abandoned 2001 novel MYTHWALKER. He also put up a new Twitter posts archive.

This week’s Writing Excuses podcast episode features Mary, Dan, Howard, and I talking about character foils. Give it a listen.

The biggest news for this week is that the long-awaited Mistborn Adventure Game tabletop RPG from Crafty Games is now available in ebook form. The hardcover and paperback copies will come next month or so, and we are planning a local release party for those once we have more details on the exact date. Anyway, I do hope to be able to share more thoughts on the exciting release of this game once I can take a breather from writing A MEMORY OF LIGHT (that deadline is coming up fast, and I’m very hard at work on it).

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