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Mistborn Adventure Game Alloy of Law supplement, New Allomancer Jak story + Giveaway

A few weeks ago, Crafty Games, the makers of the Mistborn Adventure Game, released their second supplement for the game (after the Terris supplement). This new one covers the Alloy of Law era.

As in the original adventure game book, where I wrote a short story for the volume that features Kelsier, I’ve written a new piece for this supplement that features everyone’s favorite Roughs hero and correspondent: Allomancer Jak! These episodes follow his appearance in The Alloy of Law. Check out a preview here. Includes bonus annotations by Handerwym, Jak’s faithful Terris steward!

You can buy the Mistborn Adventure Game and the Alloy of Law supplement now. This week, is running a contest to give away both books, and they’re also including a trade paperback of Mistborn. Their contest is open to residents of the US and Canada (but not Quebec). To enter, post a comment here.

AoL supplement cover

Here’s what Crafty has to say about the new supplement:

Secure your vials and strap on your six-guns!

It’s 300 years after the fall of the Lord Ruler. The Final Empire is a distant memory, and the heroes who brought it down are legend. The rebels and thieving crews of old have been replaced with gunslingers, bounty hunters, shysters, and lawkeepers, and around every corner is a land of wild adventure, unlimited opportunity, ancient mystery, and ever-present danger. This is The Alloy of Law.

Alloy of Law is a core supplement for the Mistborn Adventure Game, helping players leap headlong into the thrilling world of the fourth book in Brandon Sanderson’s best-selling Mistborn series. This 320-page supplement features a wealth of new world information, game rules, and advice for playing this Old West-styled era, including:

  • An exclusive original story from Mistborn creator, Brandon Sanderson!
  • A comprehensive overview of the people, society, and history of the remade Scadrial, with new information not seen in the novel
  • Updated character and Crew creation. Play a metalmind-slinging Ferring, one of the powerful koloss-blooded, or a Twinborn — master of Allomancy and Feruchemy alike
  • Magic of The Alloy of Law era, including updates for all three Metallic Arts and rules for the godlike power of Compounding
  • Rules for technology, guns, and gunplay — with a magical twist
  • A gazetteer of the towns, cities, and key locations of the Elendel Basin and Roughs
  • An exploration of the faiths, politics, and secrets of The Alloy of Law…and beyond
  • Advice and inspiration for Narrators on running campaigns in The Alloy of Law era
  • A rogues’ gallery of noted personalities in the era, including novel heroes Wax, Wayne, and Marasi

Did you enjoy reading The Alloy of Law? Now you can make your own Mistborn stories.

Already play Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn Adventure Game? This book more than doubles the supplemental setting material.

Alloy of Law is available at fine book stores and hobby shops worldwide. You can also order print and digital (PDF) copies directly from the publisher, Crafty Games.

If you are a store owner and would like to discuss wholesale orders, please contact [email protected]

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