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Mistborn 2 Progress Report + Annotation

New Annotation: Chapter Seven second half

All right, the final edit of MISTBORN:THE WELL OF ASCENSION has been sent off to Tor. We’ll be doing advanced manuscripts and the like for it asap. Release date is set for July 2007. We were hoping to get it out earlier, but Tor’s schedule makes things just a little tough, since they have so much to release. A newer, smaller author like myself takes what he can get, particularly if they offer him a summer month, which is a very good time for a book release. It means we can’t put MB3 out next year too, but that’s life.

Cover art sketch teaser is below:

This was an interesting book to write. It was the first real sequel I’d ever written, and I’d heard lots of horror stories from people about their first sequel. I remember Terry Brooks saying that getting the second Shannara book approved took years and years, including completely throwing away one manuscript and starting over.

I didn’t have that trouble at all, fortunately. My editor and agent liked the book from the start, even though it was one of the most challenging books I’ve ever written. Getting the beginning right was particularly hard. All of that “Reintroduce the reader to the world” stuff is kind of tough to do, particularly in a setting like mine, which includes a very complex magic system and the like.

I finally got a balance I liked, and I’ll begin writing the annotations for this book once the copyedit comes in November or December. Until then, it’s full-speed ahead on Alcatraz 2! Oh, and just to be balanced, here’s a picture of what I look like when I get up in the morning. (Pemberly complained quite loudly about the picture of her I posted two days back.) Fair is fair.

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