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Minicon 50 starts today!

Minnesota! I’m in Minneapolis for Minicon starting today, and I’m also signing in St. Paul on Saturday. Here’s my complete schedule. My assistant Peter will also have copies of the Perfect State/Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell hardcover double that you can pick up at the convention for $20.


6:00 PM – Edina
Brandon Sanderson Creative Writing Lecture Live Broadcast Taping
Watch Brandon Distance Teach his Brigham Young University course entitled “How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy” over the internet. The course is focused on the nuts and bolts of having a writing career. Characterization, worldbuilding, plotting and publication will be presented to you and to his class simultaneously via telepresence technology. (6:00–7:20 PM)

8:00 PM – Edina
Opening Ceremonies


2:30 PM – Ver 5/6
…and Magrathea Ground to a Halt
Worldbuilding can be hard – what is the biggest thing that cause you to stop? What was that major obastacle, and how did you overcome it?
Blake Hausladen, Brandon Sanderson, Donna Munro, Larry Niven

5:30 PM – Edina
Guest of Honor Interview: Brandon Sanderson
Brandon Sanderson, Joel Phillips

7:00 PM – Ver 5/6
The Business of Brandon
What is it like working with/for Brandon Sanderson?
Brandon Sanderson, Michael Whelan, Peter Ahlstrom, Tom Doherty

9:00 PM – Gaming
Magic Draft with Brandon
Cost: $9.00
15-16 slots available (There will be a sign up sheet put up in the gaming area on Saturday)
Decks: Khans of Tarkir, Fate Reforged and Dragon’s of Tarkir


2:30 PM – Ver 1/2
Brandon Sanderson Reading

3:30 PM – Outside Bloomington/Edina
Mass autograph session
(Brandon will be here only until 4:30.)

6:00 PM – Red Balloon Bookstore
See details here and the bottom of this post.

10:00 PM – Edina
The Brandon Sanderson Social Hour!
Brandon talks about things! And stuff! And you get to ask him questions…about things! And stuff!
Brandon Sanderson, Peter Ahlstrom


11:30 AM – Ver 5/6
Who’da Thunk
Our Guest of Honors sit together and interview each other – who knows what stories they have about each other?
Brandon Sanderson, Larry Niven, Michael Whelan, Tom Doherty,

2:30 PM – Krushenko’s
Middle Grade Optimism vs YA Dystopia
Magical wonder abounds in middle grade lit but seems to disappear once stories make the jump to the next age bracket. Does pessimism go hand in hand with the advent of hormones? Is middle grade more than it appears? (from both read and writer perspective)
Adam Stemple, Alec Austin, Brandon Sanderson, Donna Munroe, Jane Yolen, Marissa Lingen

4:00 PM – Edina
Closing Ceremonies
Adam Stemple, Brandon Sanderson, Dave Romm, Jane Yolen, Joel Phillips, Larry Niven, Matt Strait, Michael Whelan, Tom Doherty

Red Balloon Bookshop

891 Grand Ave
St. Paul, MN 55105
Phone Number: (651) 224-8320
Event Type: Signing
This event is free and open to the public, but a ticket is required to enter the signing line. Tickets may be obtained by purchasing Firefight by Brandon Sanderson for $18.99 (+ tax) or *any item of equal value from Red Balloon Bookshop. Discounts do not apply. One ticket per person; those younger than 12 may be accompanied by an adult. Tickets can be purchased in-store or over the phone by calling 651-224-8320.

*Signing Guidelines: Each ticket holder may have an unlimited number of books signed, however only 3 books may be personalized. Books may be brought from home or purchased from Red Balloon Bookshop. If time allows, ticket holders may re-enter the signing line to have additional books personalized.

Photos are allowed; however, only unposed photos are allowed in the signing line. A Red Balloon team member will be on hand to help take your photo while you meet the author.

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