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Major US Publisher Releases BYU Student’s Fantasy Novel

Tor Books—publisher of such best-selling authors as Robert Jordan and Orson Scott Card—is proud to announce the release of Brandon Sanderson’s debut novel ELANTRIS. ELANTRIS will be a major hardback release, available everywhere in the U.S. on May 1st, 2005.

Brandon Sanderson is currently a graduate student at Brigham Young University, where he is also a part-time faculty member. He teaches the science-fiction and fantasy creative writing class on campus. ELANTRIS is his first published novel, and it was written while he was studying for his Bachelor’s degree in English, which he received—with honors—from BYU in 2000.

In 2003 Brandon signed a major multi-book deal with Tor Books, the world’s largest publisher of science fiction and fantasy, a member of the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group. Simultaneous with its Tor release, ELANTRIS will be a Featured Alternate for the Science Fiction Book Club. It is also forthcoming in Germany, Spain, France, and Russia—a rare feat for a new author.

ELANTRIS is a stand-alone fantasy novel that centers around the dark city of Elantris. Once the city of the gods—populated by mystical radiant beings—Elantris inexplicably fell ten years ago. Its magics stopped working, and its inhabitants became decrepit, suffering from a leprosy-like disease. Now, Prince Raoden of Arelon—afflicted by the same strange disease—must live amongst the fallen lords of Elantris, struggling to bring civilization and hope to a people who lost both ten years before.

ELANTRIS is a book for all audiences. It covers themes as deep as man’s struggle to find God, the power of human determination, and the nature of truth. Yet, at the same time it includes lighthearted, fun characters, an intriguing mystery plot, and a powerful romance. All of this is wrapped in a unique fantasy setting that is original, complex, yet easily accessible.

Fellow authors in the field have the following to say about ELANTRIS:

“Elantris is the finest novel of fantasy to be written in many years. Brandon Sanderson has created a truly original world of magic and intrigue, and with the rigor of the best science fiction writers he has made it real at every level.”

—Orson Scott Card (Read the entire review at:

“Brandon Sanderson is the real thing—an exciting storyteller with a unique and powerful vision. ELANTRIS is one of the finest debuts I’ve seen in years.”

—David Farland

“While every new fantasy author is hailed as unique, new, and different, Brandon Sanderson’s ELANTRIS does indeed provide an absorbing adventure in a unique, different, and well-thought-out fantasy world, with a few nifty twists as well.”

—L. E. Modesitt Jr.

“Brandon Sanderson’s Elantris is a marvelous, magic monster of a book, packed full of intrigue and daring, based around a killer high concept. When the city of the gods becomes a city of the damned, who and what do you believe in? The story twists and turns, characters bait traps for one another as they vie for secular and religious power, and no-one is necessarily who or what they seem. Royal houses rise and fall, the fate of all Humanity is in the balance, and maybe, just maybe . . . the gods are coming back. All this and a genuinely touching love story too. Elantris; the book that put epic back into fantasy.”

—Simon R. Green

“ELANTRIS is a new BEN HUR for the fantasy genre, with a sweeping, epic storyline and closely personal characters.”

—Kevin J. Anderson, NYT best-selling co-author of DUNE: THE BATTLE OF CORRIN.

Elantris, Brandon Sanderson’s excellent debut novel, is marked by vivid and strongly drawn characters (including a memorable female character) and ingenious plot twists that will keep the reader turning pages. Don’t miss it!

—Katherine Kurtz

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