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Magic with Brandon at Dragon*Con + LEGION out now

Hey, all! This is kind of late and all, but here are the details on this year’s Dragon*Con Magic draft.

I think we’ll go ahead and go with the 8:30 time on Friday. The location is the WoT track room—Roswell 1-2 in the Westin. (Same place as Are You a Darkfriend.) I’m going to pick up cards earlier in the day. I’m not sure what the price exactly will be—depends on how much the boxes are selling for—but I’m going to say $15 to be safe. I have room for fifteen players or so.

I was toying with doing the draft at $20, having bigger prizes, and giving the proceeds to charity. We’ll probably do this at JordanCon next year—but Dragon*Con has some understandably strict rules on trying to do things for charity under their roof, so I think it will just be easier to do this at cost for now.

As always, you will keep what you draft, and the extra packs in the boxes will be used for prizes. If you want in for sure, find me today and give me the money to reserve a spot. (I’ll be visiting the WoT track off and on and I have one panel, so find me before or after.) Otherwise show up at 8:30; I’m betting there will be plenty of space, as this is kind of last minute, but I can’t say for certain.


And a note from Assistant Peter: Brandon’s novella LEGION is out now, and you can read an excerpt at We think we’ve come up with a way for everyone who buys the hardcover to get a free copy of the ebook, which will be coming in a couple of weeks (Brandon is releasing the ebook himself). And the Audible version will be released on October 2nd.

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