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Magic with Brandon and Dan: Avacyn Restored

Hey, all! This weekend is the Avacyn Restored prerelease, and as with the previous two sets, Dan and I are going to head up to Epic Puzzles & Games for their midnight release party. We’re hoping you are all interested in playing with us again, because as long as we have a small crowd, Epic will rent us our own room to play in again.

We won’t be participating in the Helvault promotion, as that is a closed thing that only a certain number of people can join. (And I’m sure it’s full already.) As is normal for us, we’re kind of deciding this at the last minute. But it will still be fun. We’ll probably do a kind of two-headed giant format as we did last time, so feel free to bring a friend! We’ll have our own tournament, with prizes. And, like last time, if you beat Dan and me you will be able to steal cards out of our decks. Sweet, eh?

Details are below. If you want to be guaranteed a spot, please call Epic Puzzles & Games and sign up, leaving your phone number. This will also let us know how many people we’re going to have ahead of time. (We’ll want at least sixteen, which is about what we’ve been getting at these things.) Also, note that it will probably be one of your last chances to see Dan before he moves away to Germany for a year.

Day: The night of Friday the 27th of April
Time: Midnight (so technically this starts on Saturday the 28th)
What: 18-person sealed deck two-headed giant tournament, with special games against Brandon and Dan
Where: Epic Puzzles & Games
3612 W 4700 S #4
Salt Lake City, UT 84820
How: Preregister by calling this number: (801) 982-0167

UPDATE: Just found out that Steve Argyle, artist of many card illustrations, is going to be at the prerelease as well. Awesome!

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