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The Messages below are from all of the people that found a code and entered it for the first time.


Orem, Utah Barnes and Noble

I would be more inclined to brag if I hadn’t forgotten to enter this when I received it 6 months ago..


Inside Warbreaker

Hello world !


Los Angeles

You are amazing, don’t forget it! Keep on, keepin’ on!



The Wookie did it!


In the book

I found the thingamagigger first!


Colorado Springs

Welcome to Newcago!



Love everything that Brandon Sanderson has written.

Tim McNaron

Parnassus Books in Nashville




Glad to grab this gem! Very thankful to get the last one at DIA.

A. D. R. (FirstSelector)

Hudson Booksellers, Terminal 6, Los Angeles International Airport

Brandon announced via Facebook that there were two copies in the given bookstore, and I was lucky enough to buy the second! It was an exciting end to my break!


Salt Lake City

Jackpot! Thanks to Brandon and his facebook post saying where he left signed copies the day before I was going to be IN THE SAME PLACE! Yeepee!


SLC airport

Caballein misain ye! Los! Al carai!


Alice Springs, Australia

I first read the Mistborn books in Africa, and I want to thank Connor for introducing me to Sanderson’s books. Every time I read one of his books my mind is blown; he deserves the title of bestseller.


Sandy, UT

Being the proud founder of this Steel-hunt Code, I do have to say I am a excited for the opportunity to see what more Brandon Sanderson has up his sleeve! I love his books and can’t wait for more!

Brian Wong

Brandon Sanderson Gave It To me

Thanks Brandon! I have all of your books on Audio and they help smooth my travels across the country! I hope you keep using Micheal and Kate as your narrators. They make your work come alive! πŸ™‚

Nick Roberts

Jacobsen’s Books & More

I like pizza.

A. LeGrand D.

Christmas Present!



Idaho Falls, ID 83404

The world has a need for more story tellers.

Kyle Russell

Idaho Falls, ID

Brandon Sanderson is Amazing! His books are entertaining, and easily draw the reader in. I feel so lucky to have been able to meet him in person. Also, Go ‘Noles!! The BCS is in your hands! Win it all

Lauren Braden

Idaho Falls

Hello to all of the other fans πŸ™‚



Giant b.s. fan my Good friend had the fortune to find this and give it to me knowing I’m a huge fan.


Powell’s Books – Portland, Oregon

Finished it in two days. Looking forward to more.



I found this in Hill Airforce base, I picked it up while christmas shopping with my family and BEGGED my family to buy it, I got it and I’m gloriously happy, good luck I guess.



I went to Europe looking for incredible books and found one on the way home!


Austin (BookPeople)

So excited to finally join the Steelhunt and I can’t wait for WoR to come out.


Idaho Falls, Idaho

Greetings Fellow readers! this is an intent to sound dorky over the internet! So excited to see what my code brings me!


Sugarhouse B&N



lincoln city, or

Woo-hoo I found a card!

Gregory basco

Dayton Ohio

Got my card from the man himself mr sanderson one of coolest people ever


Idaho Falls

Only 10 weeks and 2 days until Words of Radiance! Brandon’s books are like a drug; the more you read them, the more you need to read them!


Given to me in person πŸ™‚

Brandon Sanderson is amazing!

Dapper Will

Austin, TX

My heartfelt thanks, sir, for completing a reading begun over a decade past – The Wheel of Time – bittersweet elation for a childhood adventure ended.
I eagerly look to new journeys with you!






Hi all


Dragons keep


Master Archon

Orem Dragon’s Keep

Played a Magic The Gathering Draft Tournament with Brandon! He is the only single author to write a book that I have read more than twice.


Moscow, ID

Avid reader and aspiring writer πŸ™‚


SLC airport

Brandon was in one of the bookstores in the SLC airport brandalizing and I caught him. It was awesome. Don’t know what else to say it was just really awesome. I got a code. Go me. Thanks Brandon.


SLC Airport

Dovie’andi se tovya sagain.



Ryan Lim

Books and co beavercreek ohio




Sanderson fan from Israel

The Literary Lord

Indian Trails Public Library

Hey Mr. Sanderson, it’s me, Brendan Pease! You know, from Indian Trails? Sorry I didn’t do this sooner, but you’ll be seeing a lot of me here from now on! Good luck with your writing!


Houston Airport

A friend brought the book back to Aberdeen, Scotland via Houston and Cleveland. It has been on a quite a trip to get here. Probably picked up as many accents as Cody.



Super excited!!



I love Brandon’s books!

Lance Hill

SLC Airport

At the release day signing in Orem Brandon gave a code to the person 2 places in front of me in line. I had hoped I would get one as well but it wasn’t to be. Now I have mine!

Tim “Mac” May

92Y Signing

Yay! Brandon liked the Seons that my buddies and I brought to the signing. I carried Aan and my friends had Omi and Ene. They glow better in the dark.

M Spalding

New York, NY

Dear Brandon Sanderson,
As soon I get a Hearthstone Beta Key I will send it to you and we can play together. I’ll show you the ropes. It was great to have met you.
Your fellow nerd,
Matthew Spalding


New York, NY

Brandon gave this to us himself at a signing at 92Y!

Joseph Scott

NYC NY. 92Y Book Signing

Drive 4 hours to see Brandon talk in NYC – $54
Got to hear him speak about writing and his works – $22
Purchased steelheart to be signed – $30
Met Brandon in person and got steelhunt codes – Priceless

Dallan Simper

Simply Books, SLC Airport

Hey every body, I found a code. I had to run down two concourses and almost missed my flight to get this.


Epic Puzzles and Games

Remember, it pays to tip your authors well!



Enjoying all the work that Brandon puts into his books, I always want to read the next one! It takes too long for them to come out!



I’ve been writing about the Wheel of Time series for years on my blog the Thirteenth Depository and was a beta reader for Towers of Midnight and A Memory of Light. Awaiting the Allow of Law sequel!


Los Angeles

See Two D Come Alive
Writhing Menacing Writhing
Rhythm Detective

If your BS adventures start with Steel, find the Geometry and the Mist. Then, open your mind to the Light of the Storm!





This space intentionally left blank.


Placentia, Ca (Facebook)

I am an empty canvas.


Hershey, PA

Thank you to all that work so hard on bringing us these amazing books. I took the picture at Hershey Chocolate World and would love to invite you guys all out there some time to enjoy yourselves.


Coventry, UK

The only thing better than wining this code is opening Facebook and seeing the note “Brandon Sanderson messaged you”!!!!



Before Sanderson, the word “preorder” had no meaning for me. Now, he could publish a treaty on boredom in 50 volumes and I’d gladly preorder them all. Thank you for providing such amazing readings!

Tammy Wu



Becca H

Facebook Photo Contest

Hi everyone! I’m so glad to be able to join you here and to be the first to enter this code. Time to enjoy the spoils of the Steelhunt.

Worthy Goober

Facebook Picture Contest

I’m so excited to have received one of the Steelhunt codes. I hope you enjoy the exclusive content as much as I did. Also, a big thank you to Mr. Sanderson for giving us more and more goodies.

Christi Jacobsen

mysterious gray cloaked figure gave it to me

β€œWe’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?”




Tyler Shaw

Austin, Texas

Brandon Sanderson remains one of my favorite authors and it really was an honor getting to meet him!


Book Order

Smile =)

Mione Haak


Looking forward to exploring more content from Brandon. Still can’t believe I was first in Australia!! πŸ™‚

Stephen Megison

Dallas, TX

Glad I could be a part of this! All I had to do was skydive with The Way of Kings to get my code! You can see the picture on Brandon’s facebook page if you are interested!


Irvine, CA

A fan of all things Sanderson!



Hi! I’m a reader who especially enjoys fantasy and science fiction genres. I love Sanderson, and I think that everything he writes is just brilliant. Thanks to him I am also improving my English πŸ™‚

Ayumi Mure

Shiga, Japan

I still can’t believe I found this code. I’m really happy right now!
I’m glad I could buy this book online, but I hope someday Brandon comes to Japan.


New York City

First post from Asia for the Facebook contest! Sometimes waking up early really pays off! πŸ˜€

Shawn Reed


Hello world!


email from Kara

Wow, another Brandon Sanderson series to anxiously await a sequel (5 and counting).



Unlocked this code as the first person from the continent of Africa to win Brandon’s Facebook competition. “There’s always another secret” – Kelsier



Very glad to have gotten a facebook code. Can’t wait to dive in to the extras.


The Internet

Vote for the Lord Ruler, or Koloss will eat your family!



Hi everyone


Parnassus Books, Nashville

A great adventure. Can’t wait to see what’s next in this or any other Sanderson universe.



Ahhhhhhh!! SOOOOO excited!!!! I love Brandon Sanderson and everything he writes and his signings are the BEST!! Thank you so much for the code πŸ˜€


Petoskey, MI

Actually got this code from my buddy Chris who was on vacation in Petoskey, MI! I met Chris and Mr. Sanderson at the World Science Convention this past August. Great guys, both of ’em.


Anderson Bookshop

Cant Wait! Love Brandons Work.

Nicholas & Jodie Draper

Sea-Tac Airport, WA

Sadly, a death in the family kept us from your signing in Seattle, but it brightened our day to find a signed copy of Steelheart in the airport when we got back!

Brianna Aubin

Wheeling, IL

Sparks! πŸ™‚



Got this code for wearing a bowtie. Bowties are cool.


SLC Airport

I wish I was Kelsier


West Jordan Barnes and Noble


Kendra Wilson

Provo, UT

Brandon gave it to me for helping pre-sign before the release party. πŸ™‚

Brandon Gardner

Joint Base Lewis McChord

You can’t always just wait for a hero to come and save you; sometimes you need to help the heroes along doing what you can to help yourself out until they get there.

Joseph Hawkins

Chicago, IL

Got up two hours early to make the trek before work while keeping my hopes low after seeing yesterday’s post. Over the moon that I found it. Grabbed Emperor’s Soul for the train ride back. Woot!


Riverton, UT

I love Brandon’s Books and I was way excited when he gave me this card for wearing my mist cloak to his last book signing in Riverton when Steel heart came out.


Riverton, UT

This book is so good and the steel-hunt idea is genius!


Joseph Beth

Can’t wait.

Maya & Troy

Seattle, Washington

I bought a new Sanderson book with an awesome postcard so that I don’t have to wait until March for Radiance! Thanks to wifey for paying attention to the social media.

Bingo T. Monkey

Salem OR Reader’s Guide

I am so happy I had a chance to get one of the postcards. Thank you for sending them down to Salem.


Barnes and Noble, West Jordan, UT

Thanks to Brandon and his crew for providing the Steel-Hunt code at his book signing, despite my horrible trivia skill πŸ™‚ Always a pleasure to attend one of his signing events.


Oakland California

Brandon Sanderson’s books are my absolute favorite. I enjoy reading and rereading them. They are inspirational in that you can do anything you put your mind to.


West Jordan B&N

Life before Death.


West Jordan, UT – Barnes and Nobel Book Signing

I was given a postcard because I was dressed up as a Mistborn at the book-signing. Loving my new Mistcloak! Nerd and proud of it.

Stephan van Velzen

West Jordan, Utah

I got this code at a signing in West Jordan, Utah, for the fact that I came all the way from the Netherlands. Brandon is such an awesome guy! ^^

T. Sedai

Mysterious Galaxy – San Diego, CA

I got my Steel Hunt code directly from Brandon for brining a unique book (Brandon’s Mistborn RPG book) to his San Diego signing!


Mishicot, Wisconsin

Hello from Wisconsin and congratulations on your successful Steel-Hunt!


San Francisco

Hi World! I found the post card

Matthew ‘Manners’ Manley

Twitter Competition

Hugely pleased to have received one of these codes and to be part of something so closely linked to Brandon Sanderson. Now I have something to pass onto my friends other than simply his books!

Colyn Petersen

Omaha, NE

My favorite author of all time.


Cincinnati OH

Steelheart is amazing. I don’t know how BSand keeps writing so many good books in so many genres, but more power to him!

Megan Eccles

San Diego

Mother. Writer. Human.


Mysterious Galaxy

Thanks so much for taking mercy on a poor fan and handing over this code! Much love for your work and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.

Anna Hornbostel

Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego

Mr. Invisible and the Limper were here.


Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, CA

During tonight’s tour event, Brandon hid two codes around the bookstore. When he said they were with “features of the store”, I walked directly to a gargoyle atop one shelf, and there it was. Win!

Mike G.

In a signed book ordered online.

Hello, world!



I am super excited to be a part of Steelhunt! Thanks Brandon for being so awesome to your fans!



Owner of 4000+ Fantasy and Science Fiction books. Brandon should continue to strive to become 10% of my total library!


Fort Lewis, WA

To Brandon Sanderson: Sir, You are fantastic!!

Curtis and Paul Smith

Ft Lewis, Wa. Signing

Thank you Mr. Sanderson for giving me and my brother the Steel-hunt code! We’re both really looking forward to reading Words of Radiance!



Thanks to Brandon Sanderson for coming to a low volume venue like a military base. He is awesome and I have read steel heart twice and it’s awesome too.





Mountain View, CA

Hello, mortals!


Seattle Airport

I finally am part of the Steel Hunt! Also, Brandon Sanderson is the best author ever!



Awesome author, awesome book, awesome signing. So fun to hang out with fans and take pictures. πŸ™‚


AUS airport

There’s Always Another Secret. I’m happy to figure out what this one is.

Jared “Shardlet” Wood

Camano Island, WA

So…uh…Hi! I am here, you are here…Awesome! Glad to be able to post here.


Powell’s in the Portland, Oregon airport outside security

Welcome! I was fortunate enough to get the book and the steelhunt code during my visit to Portland for the Siren’s conference. I was ridiculously excited. So much so my boyfriend made fun of me forit


United Methodist Church, Seattle, WA.

Got to meet Brandon Sanderson and he’s super nice.

Brandon Sanderson Rules!!! ‘Nuff Said.

Oh wait, and Brandon Sanderson also cares for the elderly and a champion of the downtrodden. πŸ™‚

Hsin Wang

San Mateo B&N

oh! so glad I finally found the Steelhunt code. Although I already have a pre-ordered copy from Amazon, I still cannot help to buy a new copy with signing and CODE!

Nikki R

Seattle, WA

Was first in line at Brandon’s signing in Seattle on 10/14, and he was nice enough to give me this code when I got my books signed. Thanks, Brandon!!

Mason Wheeler

Book signing in Seattle (10-14-2013)

I managed to gain this code directly from Brandon in a trade: a Steel Hunt code in exchange for something I had written that’s inspired by his work, but not in the way you might think…



Quest Completed!

Mischievous Nil


Woot, Love Brandon Sanderson! If you have not read his books YOU NEED TO

Allen Kim

Given to me by Brandon in Seattle, WA

Meeting Brandon was amazing… I’m so honored that he gave me this! Looking forward to his next projects and whatever else may come from his writings.

Jeff Hitchcock

Seattle, WA

Cool beans. I earned this Steelheart code at the University Bookstore signing in Seattle because Brandon is as huge a fan of The Adventures of Dr. McNinja as I am.


SeaTac Airport

Found a Steelhunt code on my way back to Atlanta!! Awesome! Especially since I had to leave before a signing that night.


Red Balloon Bookshop

There is no spoon.

Tom Connolly

Fairfax Virginia

Achievement unlocked: Steel-Found

Trevor Mishy Stark

Mountain View

I met a new friend at the signing, and snagged a card. And now I get to meet Brandon! Best day ever? I think so!

Michael Macatangay

mountain view

Found in the name of the wind.

Christien Skousen

Mountain View, Books Inc.

I managed to ask a cosmere question that stumped Brandon.
About Hemalurgy, and Shards, and massive spikes.
I feel like I just conquered the world.

Ravi Rao

Mountain View

Great time at the Steelheart signing today. Nice meeting you all!

Megan Kanne

Mountain View, CA

β€œI do forgive your curiosity, but I cannot reward it. These secrets are mine.” – Jasnah, The Way of Kings

Adam Neylan

Books Inc. Mountain View CA

I got my code for being the first one with a Mistborn role playing book that Brandon had seen in a long while. See mom it does pay to spend all your time on RPGs =)

Sam Hock

Books, Inc. in Mountain View, CA

I wrote a review of Steelheart! Check it out at Ace of Geeks.


Los Angeles

Hello everyone.

Michael Mackay

West Jordan, UT

Nuclear launch detected.

Zach B

Mountain View, CA

All I have to say is that Sanderson is one of the best authors I’ve read, both for how entertaining his works are and how powerful they are intellectually. He takes Science Fiction to a new level.

Max Chartier

El Ceritto, CA

Here at Brandon’s signing of Steelheart! We’re on the hunt!

Lupe Gonzalez

El Cerrito Barnes and Noble

Say pink pinkness very fast five times.

Jeff “Nikonis” Wakefield

El Cerrito, California

Thanks for the code and all the great work Brandon! Keep us up to date with all the awesome novels!

– Steelheart Cosplayer on 10/12/2013

Bill Sota

The Red Balloon

This is great. I hope more things like this are done!

Bill Sota

The Red Balloon

This is great. I hope more things like this are done!

Nica Casillan

El Cerrito, California

Hello, all! I have met Brandon Sanderson in person and it was AWESOME. Thanks for the postcard, Brandon! Shout-out to Raycelle, GJ, Sam, Gwen, Gerene, & Eric! Guys, I fist-bumped our fave author! πŸ˜€

Sky Luke

Bay Area, CA

My wife made an awesome mistcloak, and now I reap the rewards.

Julie Thatcher

Beaverton Powell’s

Got this awesome code for dressing as a mistborn at a signing. Though the picture Brandon took never was put on Twitter.


Cincinnati, Ohio

Huge Brandon Fan! So excited for the goodies that are hidden on this site!

Ryan Bond

Portland, OR

Huge fan of Sanderson and the world’s that he creates. I’ve meet him multiple times now and was thrilled that I was able to FINALLY be in an airport at the right time and place to be able to snag one!


Cedar Hill’s Crossing Powell’s

If you ever get the chance to go to a book signing, do it. Brandon Sanderson does readings unlike other authors; he reads unpublished material. No spoilers involved, and always well written.



“Achingly beautiful, with eyes staring longingly, into sun, into longing staring eyes, with beautiful aching.”

Corey P.


Awesome book awesome author. Just another reason I buy anything he writes.

Kamielle Wood

West Salem, OR

After being unable to attend the book signing in Portland the night before, I was shocked to discover a steelhunt clue when I impulsively stopped for Thai food near the bookstore. Awesome!

David Carpenter

Saint Paul – Red Balloon Bookshop

Hello World,

Super glad some codes came to MN. Been reading Sanderson since he was announced to take over the WoT. Love everything that he has published so far!

Emma, Lisa, and Ellie

Powell’s in Beaverton

We definitely didn’t spend an hour speculating on Radiants. That would be ridiculous, and an irresponsible use of our valuable time as intelligent and effective college students.
(It was 2 hours)


Portland, OR

I found the steel hunt card at the book signing at the Powell’s in Portland. I had a great time, I really enjoyed the readings and Q&A, and I can’t wait for Words of Radiance!

Kimberly Woods

The Grove B&N, Los Angeles

Brandon gave the signing audience the clue: “Walk without rhythm, but not in the sci-fi section.” My husband Andrew and I found the clue hidden in a stack of leather-bound Dune books. So excited!


The Grove

Awesome reading and book signing tonight!
Thank you Brandon!

Rob Moreau

Los Angeles

Given by Brandon for being the second memory keeper to come to a signing so far this tour.

Gus Mendoza

Barnes & Noble (The Grove) Hollywood

My wife and I had a great time meeting Brandon, getting some questions answered and a book signed. Looking forward to the next tour because that would mean that the next book is out.

Jim Urban

Portland International Airport

I’m a process controls engineer living in Acworth, GA. My frequent travels finally scored me an opportunity to get one of Brandon’s codes!

Ryan McGee

Portland, Or

I’ve been a fan of Brandon’s since his work on the WoT series and have been devouring his books ever since.

Mike Plavin

Found in the SLC Airport Bookstore (live in Eugene, OR)

May brooks and trees and singing hills join in the chorus too,
And every gentle wind that blows send happiness to you.

– An Irish Blessing, because the Irish are cool like that, yo.

Nathaniel H


A staff favorite here at Liberty Bay Books!


Powell’s in Beaverton, OR

I was so excited to find a Steel-hunt code in the John Scalzi section. Both of these men are great authors and should be best friends not “mortal enemies. ”

Akito Fan

Powell’s Book Signing

I got my Steel Hunt code directly from Brandon while at the book signing for wearing my Mistcloak!


Portland – Powells

I was given this code by the nice people I sat with at the signing and i just wanted to say they were great to meet and talk with. and Brandon Sanderson was AWESOME!! As always it was great seeing you

Tom F. and Samantha C.

Powell’s Books (Beaverton, OR)

Got a postcard handed to us personally from Mr. Sanderson for being patient in line and being fellow Nebraskans and Husker fans! πŸ™‚

Beth Long

Beaverton, Oregon

Went to Brandon’s book signing tonight at Powell’s Books in Beaverton. AWESOME!!! Scored myself a Steelhunt code after chatting with him as he signed my stack of books. πŸ™‚ Yup. It. Was. Cool.


SLC Airport

I had a layover in SLC and figured I would check out one of the book stores while waiting. Signed copy of Steelheart with steel-hunt code? Don’t mind if I do πŸ™‚


Portland OR


Jake Williamson

Portland, OR

You rock Brandon!

Michael McHugh

Portland, OR

Hello all!


Austin, TX

Awesome! Thanks Brandon for finishing the Wheel of Time legacy, and I’m super excited to have been introduced to your work.

Here’s to the hardest working man in writing!


Portland, OR

Thanks for the postcard Brandon! It made my day! Saw it on the website, didn’t think I’d be lucky enough to get one.

Mark Henning

Portland, Oregon. Book signing

Thanks, Brandon for the secret card thimgy. This is pretty cool.


Ancalagon the Black

The deepest caves of middle earth (you will have to look for me)

Welcome, and remember:
Life before Death. Strenght before weakness. Journey before destination.


UK (Twitter)

Thanks for the code, and many thanks especially for your books which I’ve really enjoyed reading (so far), though I’ve not yet caught up with your impressive writing pace. I look forward to many more

Joshua Lacey

Indian Trails Public Library

Awesome signing Brandon, you are my favorite author! Thank you for the code!


Tomball, TX

Greetings from the Southern Viking!

Curtis Sprung


Awesome signing, Brandon! Thanks for everything!


Second Chicago signing

Turns out Hemalurgy and acupuncture are related!


Boswell Book Company

I was wearing a mistcloak at the signing in Milwaukee, and Brandon gave me a Steelhunt code for “being awesome”, as he said.

Daryl Bamforth

Twitter (UK)

Thoroughly enjoyed Steelheart, very glad to have been introduced to your books, all nice additions to my library. Thanks for all the hard work (and this amazing pre-read). Tour the UK more often πŸ™‚


Boswell Book Company

Had a great time listening to and meeting Brandon last night at Boswell Book Company.
“Life before death!”

The Squirrel


The Squirrel has beat all of you!!!!!!!! MAW-HAHA



Got one of these at Brandon’s signing at Boswell Books in Milwaukee. He is such an awesome and fun guy!


Anderson’s Bookshop

What’s all this then?

Amy Junker

Wheeling, IL

Had a lovely time at the signing in Wheeling! Got to excerpts from Words of Radiance, the Legion sequel, and Shadows of Self. AWESOME.

Jill Rosset

Dayton, Ohio

Met Brandon Sanderson in Dayton, Ohio. He is totally awesome.

Luke Foster

Milwaukee, WI

Got this at the signing and reading Brandon had at Boswell Books for having brought a hefty collection of Sanderson novels. Was a great event and wonderful time!



We met Brandon Sanderson today. Not only is he incredibly talented, he is such a nice person. Thank you so much for all you do Brandon


Milwaukee, WI

“Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination.”

Brady E.

SLC Airport

Happy dance! I got lucky and found one!

Jacob Ekdahl


Hello everyone! I’d just like to give a cheerful greeting and cyber-hug to all the other Story lovers out there. For the writers, readers, and dreamers, write, read, and dream on!

Kevin Kastelic

Boswell Book Co., Milwaukee, WI

Neat Idea


Boswell Books

Given the code for my birthday directly from Brandon.

Phantom Jedi (aka Caitlin)

Milwaukee, WI

Found the one stuck in the Maze Runner section at the Milwaukee signing! Thanks for coming to our part of the Midwest – it was an honor to meet you in person.

Wyatt P.

Lincoln, Nebraska

Yay! Steelhunt code for the win!


Aurora, IL

Steelheart is as awesome as everything else Brandon has written – looking forward to the next masterpiece!

Jay Walther

Salt Lake Airport

I did leave some for others. But I got this one


Austin, Texas



Austin Teen Book Festival

Got some books signed and asked for a clue about the cosmere; Brandon gave me a postcard with a code. Thanks Brandon! Time to do some digging! πŸ˜€

Keri Bailey

Houston, TX

Hi! I was fortunate enough to be able to make it to Houston’s Murder by the Book in September to meet Brandon! A friend and I made him some little one-of-a-kind gifts, and were rewarded with a code!

Joshua Forbes

Books & Co. (Dayton, OH)

Brandon was kind enough to give me a Steel-Hunt card at his signing for wearing one of his awesome “Fear the Llama” t-shirts. Can’t wait to see what he has hidden here! Only one way to find out…


Dayton, OH

Life Before Death, Strength Before Weakness, Journey Before Destination

In my case, asking led to receiving, I was given the last steel hunt card by Brandon during the Dayton signing. Thanks!


Dayton Ohio

My birthday present, it came to me on my birthday, my precious. (From Brandon, although my birthday was technically the next day, but going to the signing and buying the book was my present.)

J. Scott Marlatt

Books & Co., Beavercreek, OH

Found at Brandon’s signing event, inside his ‘nemesis’ James Dashner’s book, ‘The Kill Order.’ Thanks Brandon! Really cool scavenger hunt.
–I did not come here to win.



Fear the llama.

Stephen Q

Joseph Beth Cincinnati, OH

Sparks! I actually found one! Let the Steel-hunt begin…



Welcome! I love books! I am excited to start reading so many different series with Brandon and look forward to reading all of his books for years and years to come.


Naperville, IL

I’m totally psyched to be reading a new book by my favorite author!

Brian Y.

A gift – for signing my Perrin Ta’veren Tee

I had no idea how special you made this hunt. Thank you, thank you. I look forward to your latest and to all the readings to come. I also look forward to reading everything to my little Savara πŸ™‚


Given to me by Brandon Sanderson



Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Cincinnati

I have fist-bumped with Brandon Sanderson. My hand has yet to start writing the secrets of the Cosmere based on that touch, but I keep watching and hoping…


Joseph Beth Booksellers, Cincinnati, OH

Great to see you in Cincinnati, Brandon!

Vicky James


Thanks for the code

Fred Easey


Brothers and Sisters of the Reckoners, the revolution has started! Together we can reclaim our cities, together we can regain our freedom, our unity is their weakness, together we will win


Naperville, IL (Chicago signing)

Being thoughtful can be just as good as being clever or fast. Life often rewards careful examination of a subject. The world is too often focused on the immediacy of the quick fix or flashy new thing.



Cantaloupe, fluttering paper makes a duck.

Jimmy H.

Salt Lake City, Airport

Heading back to Nebraska for a wedding. I checked facebook and Brandon had just signed his new book at the airport I had a layover in. Needless to say, I may have ran to the book store to buy it πŸ™‚

Ari Shatz


I met Brandon Sanderson last night in Naperville. It was an honor. I asked him a Song of Ice and Fire question just to joke around but Sanderson is my favorite author!!!!



Thank the Heralds! Loved Steelheart, it worked really well as an audiobook.



Life before Death
Strength before Weakness
Journey before Destination

Steve Scriver

North Las Vegas, NV

Cannot wait for WOR to come out! Glad to have won the steel hunt from the blog with a picture of myself holding the new book!

Rachel L.

Houston, Texas

Very excited to get to explore a new world with Steelheart! Been a fan since the WoT hand-off and happy to have gotten a code and the ability to come out and play.

Evgeni “Eugene” Kirilov

Anderson’s in Naperville, Chicago area, IL

Stalking and fanboying over Brandon for years has finally paid off! I was able, within seconds, to determine the code’s location based on Brandon’s hint (“near my nemesis” -> John Scalzi). Success!

James Fleeting

Shipped from Bookstore

Totally stoked for Words of Radiance. I think it’s messed up the Reckoners didn’t wear white on the day they were to kill a king – Steelheart. Guess they’re not as cool as Parshendi. Love your work BS

Daniel Rich


Had an awesome chance to talk with Brandon in the hall at Austin Teen book festival

Johnnie Bailey


Christian, husband, father, biker, musician, gamer. I want to know the man who washed me clean with His own blood


Geneseo, NY

Greetings! I am a soon-to-be economics grad who loves music and learning languages. If you want to chat about life, music, languages or economics, feel free to e-mail me [email protected]


Barnes & Noble in Orem, Utah



Saint Louis, MO

Thanks for the extra content and the fun hunt. Steelheart was a fun read too. Welcome to all the other hunters!

Sabrina Castiglione

London, Twitter, the Cosmere

Life before Death, Strength before Weakness, Journey before Destination

…. and Fantasy Geeks before everyone else!

Satsuoni (Yugov Seva)

Japan, Yamato-shi

Sorry I am late! And thanks to generous Kara. Woo! PhD and Steelhunt code within one month. My life is complete, time to start another one πŸ™‚


Northville, MI

Thanks to Kara from the Brandon Sanderson Store for all your help, and the code!

Jeffrey Thibeault

Austin, TX

The stars (and travel schedule) aligned, and I was lucky enough to grab a recently ‘brandalized’ hardcover!

Charlie Addison

Tokyo, Japan

Thanks to Kara for some attention to the English audience overseas. Read the book and already looking forward to Firefight next year. I’ll spread the code as soon as I can.

Don Van Huyck aka Eman Emal

Austin convention center

Getting this was supper awesome, makes the whole-240 mile-trip even more worth it. Thank You Brandon for the card and all the awesome books!

Erin Szalapski

Austin, TX

I was honored to meet Sanderson for the first time this weekend. Not quite sure how one man ended up quite so awesome in so many ways.

Matt & John

Murder By The Book

This story is as great as a shaggy wet dog in a mop factory! Love the story and all the wonderfully bad metaphors.

Tyler and Jared Workman

Nordstrom’s of Salt Lake

Welcome! We love you.

April Moore

Nashville, TN

Props to Brandon for appreciating the occasional good LiveJournal comment!

— April (Cads)


Woodinville, WA

I skipped work on release day and bought the first copy sold at B&N. Really looking forward to Sanderson’s tour and will be bringing my sons this time to Seattle to meet my favorite author.

Andy Lee


Loving steel-hunt and steelheart, thanks Brandon




Beau Tschetter

Handed to me by Brandon Sanderson in Austin, TX

I went to the book festival in Austin, and while I was there I met Brandon Sanderson, and got my new book, The Rithmatist signed! (As well as found out why he dislikes fish sticks)


Sam Baskin

Austin, TX

I was lucky enough to attend Austin Teen Book Festival. I was the last person in Mr. Sanderson’s signing when I received this “golden ticket”.

Mendy Kittner


Whoo-Hoo!! πŸ™‚


Austin, TX

Brandon, thank you for writing πŸ™‚

Mark Lindberg

Austin, TX

I met Brandon today at the Austin Teen Book Festival and he was nice enough to sign all 19 books I had, as well as answer my questions and chat while doing so, and give me a steel-hunt code. So happy!


Austin, TX

I found myself at the Austin Teen Book Festival ready to hear my favorite author speak! Little did I know my reward would be my very own Steel-Hunt code. A day worth remembering? I think so!!!!

Jeff Hampton

West Jordan, UT

This is awesome! πŸ™‚

John Bearden

Austin Texas

sup son Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

Jeremy Waters


Just found out Brandon is also an engaging speaker. I wish I could take his writing classes from Texas. Thanks, Brandon!!


Houston, TX

I’m one of the lucky ten or so who won a code via the email giveaway due to being at the right place at the right time. Thanks Brandon &Team Sanderson!


St. Louis

Brandon Sanderson is the king of fantasy! I can’t wait for Words of Radiance! I’m so happy to live in this era!


QuΓ©bec, Qc, Canada

Has ever, the Bloodfyre has been the best! Thank you Brandon for your incredible books. I am a great fan and I hope one day to see my name in one of the books!
The World is mine!!! Muhahahaha…



I Found this awesome code and now I have used it! I think my life is better now because of it.



I will see him bleed again…


Houston, TX

Brandon gave me this code at the signing at Murder by the Book when I told him I finished a first draft of my novel. Great signing!


Logan, UT

Brandon Sanderson for Master of the Universe!


Portland, OR

I feel like I just found the biggest Easter egg! Happy hunting everyone.



To the genius of Brandon….

Chris “Glacialis” Brinkley

Grand Rapids, MI

Huge fan of everything Brandon has done. Can’t wait for more!


St. Paul, MN Target

I ran to Target as soon as my classes were done to pick up the book and snap a picture. Brandon Sanderson is my favorite Fantasy Novelist!


Murder by the Book, Houston, Texas

I received a code for asking good questions about the Stormlight Archive. Brandon, thank you for answering my questions and signing my book. Chris, thank you for taking me to the book signing.

Jason Lockhart, Sr.

Houston, TX

Thanks for honoring my request and returning to Houston so quickly, Brandon! And I worked a FULL day driving the School Bus before your signing this time!


Canada (newsletter)

Brandon does it again, awesome book!

Hunter Woodley


I sent a picture of myself holding the Steelheart ebook on my Nook. As far as I know there aren’t any hard copies of Steelheart in Japan, at least not in Aomori Prefecture.

Scott Stevens

Scottsdale, AZ

Brandon Sanderson Rocks !



Fellow citizens of the Free Kingdoms,
Let us gather our talents and free as many copies of Steel heart as we can from our local public libraries. We cannot let the Evil Librarians win!

Whyte Rhyno

FB (Via Wal-Mart Pic)

Knees was here.


Salt Lake City Airport

Being Brandalized is awesome.

Cameron Copeland

United States – Logan

YES! I am so happy right now!


Orem, UT

So excited for Words of Radiance!!


King’s English Bookshop

We discovered you! And we will find all the rest…

Austin Hussey

Kings English

Welcome to the Steel Hunt! There’s not very many Inquisitors here…

Lord Zod, Ruler of the Underworld and Kicker of Puppies

The King’s English, Salt Lake City, Utah

Lord Zod hereby extends his thanks to Brandon Sanderson for this, and all of his books, past and future. You are as gracious as you are talented. Thank you for bringing us into your world.
-Lord Zod


Twitter Contest

A short, under 200 character message to the world.


very fast tweeter

I got very lucky and got a code! I’m only about 150 pages into the book but I can tell i’m going to like it and I’m going to try to get brandon to sign it when he comes back to indy.

James Wilson

Fort Worth, TX

I am excited to have had a chance at this through the wonder of social networking and good timing. Very excited to read Steelheart, and definitely excited for all of Brandon’s upcoming work.



I love this book and can’t wait to finish it. Go out and get it as soon as possible!


Orem, UT Barns & Noble

Brandon Sanderson is amazing. That is all.



I am blessed.

Shawn M Halversen (Herofly)

Orem, Utah. at the Booksigning

There is always another secret…
Oh, and I really Do like Cookies!

Trevor Danger


I had to threaten to do a jig on the table to get this code. Brandon didn’t make me go through with it. I’ve only had to actually do the jig once.

Mark “Silvereye” Laird

Orem Barnes & Noble Signing

It was a distinct pleasure to be the first Epic to show up at one of Brandon’s signings! Enjoy your book, subjects!



Orem, UT

My friend got his heron mark sword signed. Brandon thought it was cool, so he gave us a code. πŸ™‚


Orem, Utah

Bribed Brandon (sort of) for this code in exchange for Muddie Buddies.


STEELHEART Launch Party Orem

We’re now on our 4th generation reading Brandon Sanderson!


Orem, Utah, Barnes & Noble

I have nothing clever or exciting to say, so I’ll just say, Yay!


Barnes and Noble

My only regret in life is that I wasn’t born a Mistborn.

Chris King

Mimi’s Cafe

For the bridgemen!

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