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Korean Ramen

So, we did a Korean Ramen night tonight. I like to do these periodically with my friends–you make up a nice big pot (or several small pots) of ramen done the true Asian style. Ramen (Korean brand, of course) plus vegetables, eggs, and–of course–hot dogs. The hot dogs are an essential part of the mixture, and they’re very authentic. (The only way to get more authentic is to use spam instead.)

My favorite brand of ramen is the Jin mild brand. Usually, when I was in Korea, I’d spun the much spicier Shin brand. Oddly, at these parties, I’ve begun liking the Shin a bit more, even though I usually choose mild over spicy. (Not because I don’t like the hot, but because I think the hot tends to over-ride other flavors.) Perhaps it’s nostalgia for Korea, for Shin is a lot more ‘traditional’ of a Korean flavor.

Idea of the day: Food magic. Powers are granted by specific foods. Combine them with other foods, and you have new powers!

This is, of course, a spin on traditional potion magic. I’d do this one, however, with specific, common foods granting specific powers.

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