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June Is (was) Audiobook Month

Well, here it is the last day of June and I haven’t mentioned audiobooks at all like I was supposed to, and we all know whose fault that was . . . that’s right, my assistant Peter.

June is audiobook month! There are lots of audiobook-related posts on Twitter with the hashtag #JIAM. There have been contests, some of which are still going on. If you like audiobooks, check it out.

I know many fans enjoy the performances of Michael Kramer and Kate Reading on the Wheel of Time audiobooks. Did you know that Michael Kramer also voiced the audiobooks for the Mistborn trilogy? They’re unabridged and available from and via iTunes. And remember how last year previewed the second chapter of the audiobook of THE GATHERING STORM? Well, at least one of the upcoming previews of THE WAY OF KINGS on is going to be in audio form, and Wheel of Time audiobook fans should be pleased with who you hear reading the chapters. The Stormlight Archive series will also be available via Audible and iTunes as well as on CD.

Most of my other books are also available in audio form. There’s an unabridged recording of ALCATRAZ VERSUS THE EVIL LIBRARIANS. Both WARBREAKER and ELANTRIS are available in two different forms—traditional unabridged readings and full-cast dramatizations. The unabridged readings are from Recorded Books and are also on Audible and iTunes. The dramatizations come from Graphic Audio and are available as audio CDs, mp3 CDs, and mp3 downloads. (They also have an international store.) Graphic Audio editions aren’t completely unabridged in that they don’t have dialogue tags (he said/she said) since the characters are voiced by different actors, and some description is replaced with sound effects, but aside from that you won’t miss any words. Their tagline is “A Movie in Your Mind,” and if you’re an audiobook fan it’s an experience you should try out.

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