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Introducing Arcanum Unbounded

Hey, all. I’m still in Europe on tour. (I’ll be in Barcelona next, followed by Lisbon.) But I don’t want to get so busy with this and writing Stormlight Three that I forget to give you a heads-up on Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection, coming out this month.

When it became apparent that Stormlight Three wouldn’t be ready this year, I talked to my publishers, and we decided that I should write a novella instead, to tide people over. This gave us a perfect opportunity to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a while: release all of the Cosmere short fiction together in a single volume, so you don’t have to hunt it out or worry you’ve missed something.

So this collection, while including a sizable Stormlight story (about Lift), has every bit of published Cosmere short fiction I’ve done up to this point—including all the novellas, as well as some little bits and pieces from here and there. just posted the table of contents, and a giveaway sweepstakes for the book started today.

The collection has star charts for the various worlds, and a short essay about each world from Khriss, the scholar who writes the Ars Arcanum for each novel. should be putting up a preview example for both of these next week. I’ve also written a short annotation for each story.

Whether you’re a Cosmere scholar yourself and want the juicy details in the essays, or a casual fan who just wants some good stories, I think you’ll love this collection. Standalone stories like The Emperor’s Soul have had fantastic reviews and won awards, while stories like Mistborn: Secret History expand on the lore and characters of books you’ve already read.

I’ll be doing a release party in Utah, followed (after the Thanksgiving holiday) by a short tour. Find the details here!

Thanks! I’ll write something more when the book is actually available, but for now you can preorder it at your vendor of choice.

As always, if you’re planning to see me on tour, I suggest that you buy the book from the store where I’ll be touring. But you certainly don’t have to wait for the day of the signing to do so, particularly since it will be a week after the release when I tour. Just make sure the bookstore knows, when you buy, that you’re planning to attend the signing—some of them do have limited seating or other restrictions that might require a ticket or a receipt.

Thanks so much for all your support over the year! Stormlight Three is coming along well, I promise. Around this time next year, I should be writing a post like this to introduce it to you!


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