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Interview + Annotation

First off, new Annotation: Mistborn Chapter Thirty Eight Part Four

We’re almost through the Mistborn annotations. Actually, we’re a bit early! Mistborn 2 won’t be out until August, and so I won’t start the annotations for it until then. That means I’ll be digging up other kinds of Mistborn bonus material through July. Probably some deleted scenes and worldbuidling essays, that sort of thing. I’ll probably even post some of the chapters from the earlier book I wrote using Allomancy, the one that will never be published now. So, fun times!

And, speaking of fun times, here’s an interview I just did with the Times and Seasons blog. Be aware that Times and Seasons is an LDS (Mormon) themed blog, where a group of LDS bloggers post primarily about LDS literature. The interview itself, then, deals with several religious topics.

It’s actually quite a good interview. (Meaning, not my part, but the depth of the questions asked.) Kaimi really did his homework and knows a lot about my writing. I hope I wasn’t too harsh on LDS publishing in some of the questions. But, ah well. Feel free to comment there to let me know what you think, or to drop my by forums to do the same.

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