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Infinity Blade fan film kickstarter

Hey all. I found out about this recently, and it looks pretty cool to me. A couple of fans want to make a live-action fan film for the Infinity Blade story. (If you’re not familiar with Infinity Blade, it’s a series of iOS games by ChAIR Entertainment/Epic Games that I also wrote two novellas for, Infinity Blade: Awakening and Infinity Blade: Redemption.)

They have a script and have some actors lined up. I’m not familiar with their actors for Raidriar and Isa, but they also have Christopher Judge who played Teal’c on Stargate: SG-1. My assistant Peter is a big fan of his work on that show, so that’s a great endorsement there.

I also found out that David Powell, who is one of Badali Jewelry’s jewelers (they do the Stormlight, Mistborn, Elantris, and Wheel of Time jewelry), is making armor for the Infinity Blade fan film project. They do awesome work, so I’m sure it will look really good!

Since this is a fan film, neither I nor the ChAIR folks are involved in any official capacity, but it’s still very cool. I hope you will check it out. There’s a lot more information on their Kickstarter page.

|   Castellano