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Illusion + Annotation

All right! There’s a new Mistborn annotation up. It’s a longer one, with some good info, so I hope you enjoy it.

In other news, I’ve been working on a forum banner for myself to use. I’ve felt so left out, since I don’t have a cool, shiny forum banner. Well, I need not be ashamed any longer! At least not for that! Okay, maybe I still need to be ashamed about it, but at least I have one!

I think it looks kind of nice, though I think it’s not quite balanced. I considered throwing up an endorsement on it–something from Orson Scott Card or Robin Hobb talking about my work–but decided that would just be TOO blatant.

Also, yesterday, I had an idea for a story, and I thought I’d throw it up as an Idea of the Day.

Idea of the Day: Write about a species who communicates through illusion. They craft illusions, either psychically or magically, that explain their thoughts and emotions.

Difficulty: You’d have to have a good reason why they don’t just throw up illusions of text. Why didn’t they develop a written language? How detailed are their illusions? Is the viewpoint character one of these creatures, or a person visiting from the outside world?

The thing that made me think of this was the concept of language and communication. I like stories about aliens who communicate in odd ways–such as communicating through scent, or the like. These make for very interesting settings. I thought, “what haven’t I seen before?” and this kind of popped into my head. Maybe it’s because I saw The Illusionist–the movie–on Wednesday.

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