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Idea + Dice Wars

So, V-Day went quite well. Pemberly liked my love letter, such that it was. I threatened to post it, and she threatened to break something hard over my head. We both decided it would be better if I lived to see my one-year anniversary. Regardless, it was nice. My presents to her included 1) Some very nice flowers 2) Aforementioned Love Letter 3) A Kick The Cheat (every household needs one.) 4) A red four sided die. (Last V-Day, when I was first dating her, I gave her a red 20-sided die in a jewelry box as a joke. She had no idea what it was, but she learned. Eventually, I intend to give her a whole set of red dice.)

Since I haven’t done one in a while, here’s an:

Idea of the Day: Weather Magic. No, this isn’t magic that controls the weather. Rather, my challenge to you is to write a story about someone who’s magic CHANGES depending upon the weather. It can do different things during different seasons, states of cloudiness, and can change based on barometer, temperature, and the time of day.

I think this would be an interesting magic, one which could seem random to the layman, yet which follows very distinct rules. They may not be very predicable, however.

In one final note, this game is my current obsession, which has been keeping me from being quite as productive on the Mistborn 3 rewrite as I would like:

Still, despite Dice Wars (which is kind of a Risk-type game) I made good headway on the rewrite. I’m about 300/600 pages done with the line-edits Moshe sent me, though that’s the easiest part of this process. Once I’ve entered all the little changes he made on the physical copy of the manuscript he sent me, I have to read through the book completely, changing things to fit the revision guide I’ve made myself.

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